Summer season may be the ideal time for so many things, but it remains challenging for fitness training. The hot and sweaty weather with high humidity makes breaking sweat really difficult. Despite enormous efforts and motivation boosts, lagging in your workout routine just due to the weather is not worth it. Most people overlook the seasonal factors while building their fitness wardrobe, and as a result, maintaining a workout routine becomes a challenging task during extreme weather like the one we face in summer. That's why it's important to pick your summer workout outfits smartly to stay comfy and cool while performing exercises.


However, the problems with maintaining fitness goals during the hot summer are nothing new and since you can’t do anything about the weather itself, altering your workout outfit is the only way to deal with this issue. Now, you might be wondering how to save comfort and style altogether? Well, say no more, we are here to ease your headache with the ideal summer fitness apparel options. Join us in this brisk journey as we dive deeper into the world of fashionable athleisure to hit the fitness runway with an upgraded fashion-forward appearance. 


Fitness Co-ords Sets For Summer


Co-ords sets have set the fashion trends on fire for the past couple of years. Offering a complete outfit with a plethora of styles and designs eliminates the waste of time and stress about matching and pairing before going out. However, in a fitness regime, the comfy and stylish co-ords have gone through a fantastic upgrade and made a grand comeback. Although these sets are available in a variety of styles, nothing could steal the show like the FLO Sports Bra and shorts set, as it offers bold style on one hand and outstanding flexibility on the other, let alone the factor of comfort. Most fashion and fitness enthusiasts find these fitness co-ords ideal for summer for manifold factors, and the main reasons responsible for the buzzing popularity are: 


Fashion-Forward Style         

It's been a fairly long time that sports bras are not considered merely as innerwear, but rather as stylish tops, blouses, crop tops and so on. This outstanding development of sports bras has reached the verge of the fashion world with the FLO sports bra. It's cool, it's bold, and moreover, it's extremely comfortable, making these sports bras an ideal match for summer workouts. The bottom, which is shorts, is one of the classic summer pants. Thus when FLO sports bra and shorts came as a complete fitness set, there is no reason to say NO to it. 



Behind every popular fashion style, great functionality is the key and in the case of athleisure, this one factor gets high priority. The summer fitness co-ords are not just comfy enough for performing workouts in hot weather, but also very flexible to boost your overall performance in the gym. The time is gone when fitness apparels were meant to jeopardise fashion, for now the game has upgraded to a whole new level, making your workout outfit apt for casual and social events. Think about the FLO sports bra and shorts co-ords for instance, as these come with so many benefits that once you try this set, you will want to make a separate compartment just for these fitness co-ords. 



Your comfort is a factor you should never compromise with, especially when shopping for workout gear. As your muscles go through vigorous movements and the body releases heat and sweat while working, your clothing is the only thing that can soothe the physical tension. Thus, choosing outfits like sports bras and shorts co-ords are ideal for summer workouts, since they are flexible, stretchable, and comfy, allowing your limbs to move freely at ease.  



In today’s modern age, versatility plays a crucial role. From accessories to apparel, you would not much like the products l that you can not use in multiple ways for several purposes, and that’s where versatility becomes a major factor. However, with fitness co-ords sets, you won’t have to stress about your outfit before a brunch or maybe a quick coffee run to the nearby café. Apart from fitness training, these stunning sets offer you a carefree ultra-chic look perfect for manifold events starting from date nights to friends' get-togethers. 


Last Words 

FLO sports bra is probably the only bra that girls love wearing, not just because it does the job, but because it's fashionable and comfy at the same time. There's no reason not to love the co-ords with shorts and a FLO sports bra, unless you want to look boring. Jokes apart! You won't have to trust our words, just try it yourself and turn the temperature up this summer in an eco-friendly way. 

April 07, 2024 — Hunnit