With the modern lifestyle and the profound advancement of technology, maintaining a balanced weight has become a challenging task for most people. If you still keep gaining weight despite sticking to a healthy diet and cutting off junk food, then you need to revisit your fitness schedule. 

Putting on excessive weight is not just unhealthy, and sometimes, it can even lead to several medical issues. Thus, it’s important to maintain a normal weight that goes appropriately with your height and age. Research has shown that a large number of people, especially women, are losing their confidence and developing health problems due to obesity.  If you fall into this category, there is no need to worry, because you can achieve a fit and slim body with less than an hour of exercise every day. Let's explore how. 


Jogging Is The Answer   

If you are a beginner in a fitness regime, there’s no need to jump into advanced-level fitness training to lose weight. Taking a super specialty gym membership may cost you a handsome amount and honestly, it's not even worth it if your goal is to cut down excessive weight. Simple outdoor cardio workouts like jogging can help you maintain a normal weight besides a healthy body. Jogging is not just beneficial for saving your money, but also like any outdoor exercise, 30 minutes of jogging every day in natural light and fresh air will keep you away from tons of health issues. 

However, if you want rapid results, choosing the right sports gear for jogging is essential. There are plenty of options to choose from which can make it difficult to pick the right top, particularly for losing weight. Here, we have shortlisted the best activewear collection by Hunnit for you. Let’s check these out. 

  • Sports Bras With Adjustable Straps  

If you plan to lose weight with regular jogging, consider wearing sports bras with adjustable straps.

women wearing Hunnit hot pink sports bra with baby pink straps

They will provide you with the adequate support essential for any exercise including jogging. The adjustable strap will offer a personalised fit and boost your comfort and confidence, resulting in a comfortable workout experience. Not using the right bra for a workout may lead to long standing back pain, muscle cramps, saggy breasts etc. 

  • Sports Bras For Daily Use

Hunnit’s sports bras for daily use are widely loved by women for offering proper coverage, supreme comfort, and versatile design which also makes them ideal for styling as fashionable crop tops.

women wearing a black polo neck sports bra which also works as a crop top

Let yourself be as picky as you wish because a wide array of fashion-forward sports bra styles are available to deck you up for your fitness runway.

  • Sports Bras- Padded

Since jogging is an outdoor exercise, you would want to maintain a nice look, and giving your breasts a firm appearance is somewhat difficult without padded sports bras. Not to worry though, as Hunnit’s bold and stylish padded sports bras are there to be your workout besties.

women wearing a black sports bra with yellow straps and panels

Why compromise on style for comfort when you can have them both? 

How To Pick The Right Sports Bra Size? 

Fitting plays a pivotal role in shaping your workout experience and comfort. That's why it's important to know your bra size before buying a sports bra. To eliminate the guessing game and ensure the best fit, every sports bra from Hunnit follows the standard sports bra size chart. You can refer to that chart or measure your bra size manually with a measurement tape. Either way, you will find the best-fitted sports bra to start jogging with. 

June 12, 2024 — Hunnit hunnit2023@gmail.com