When it comes to modern fashion, it’s no wonder that the Gen-Zs have managed to encapsulate the entire field. Everywhere you look, fashion is almost always a good mix between modern-day glitz and glamour, coupled with a dash of the old-school retro charm that nobody seems to get over, and for good reason.


Dressing up appropriately while maintaining the fashion standards of the current youth can be quite the challenge in the current day and age, especially given the fact that fashion has become more of a competition than just being aesthetically pleasing. Fashion comes much more into play when it comes to winterwear, simply because of how difficult it can be for anyone to make winterwear look trendy and fashionable. That is exactly where Hunnit comes into play.


Women wearing a lavender front zipper jacket


Hunnit has made it a mission to make sure that hoodies come back into fashion. They have a whole slew of different designer hoodies that somehow manage to stand out from the crowd, all the while maintaining a low profile.

What makes a perfect hoodie?


The whole idea of a hoodie is to stand out from the crowd just enough, all the while maintaining a low profile so that it doesn’t look all that flashy and tacky. Nobody is going to walk on a ramp while wearing a hoodie, though some fashionistas digress. A perfect hoodie has to cater to the needs of both people who want to stand out and those who want to fit in. Hoodies are supposed to be practical articles of clothing that can shield a person from the cold while making sure that they are sufficiently warm. Oh, and not to mention, if they want to hide their faces just a bit, they can always use the built-in hood. Hell, that’s exactly why they’re called hoodies, duh!


Reasons why people tend to wear hoodies over other winterwear


There are a whole host of clothing articles that people can wear during the winter to keep themselves warm. Those articles include, but aren’t limited to, sweaters, sweatshirts, blazers, coats, and a lot more. However, no other article of winterwear comes close to the versatility of hoodies. Sure, coats and blazers are classy, and sweaters and sweatshirts are the all-time classics, but one cannot beat a hoodie in terms of practicality and sheer chutzpah. One can wear a hoodie with practically any bottom wear while having the added practicality of not having to carry extra headgear when they feel the need to cover their heads if they feel cold. It’s no wonder that hoodies have essentially become a practical piece of clothing fit for almost every occasion.

Why wear hoodies by Hunnit?


Well, there is a whole wild world of hoodies these days in the market, and frankly, it’s quite difficult to pick one brand among the sea of other brands. But, and there is always a but: Hunnit is 100% made in India, and not only does it make shipping and everything else associated with it a complete breeze, the end buyer also gets to buy a product made completely in their home country.


women in a Hot pink cropped hoodie


The whole idea of buying products made in one’s own country is truly justifiable simply because it means the economy of the country will be a beneficiary. On top of everything else, Hunnit has a whole host of amazing designer hoodies made to look as trendy as possible while not appearing over-the-top tacky.


Women wearing a sky blue hoodie


So, the end buyer has a huge catalog to choose from, regardless of their gender or their preferences.


Parting words


Today’s world of fashion has become swamped by a whole host of different articles of clothing seeking to cater to the needs of every person on earth. The world of clothes dedicated to making a person feel warm on a particularly cold day has also been filled with countless options for every single taste. However, hoodies have managed to stand the test of time simply because they are so incredibly practical and a no-fuss piece of winterwear. Be it a friend’s meetup or heading to a date, many people have switched to wearing hoodies over other articles of clothing for convenience’s sake, and in a volatile market like India, only the best brands manage to stand the test of time.

March 27, 2024 — Hunnit hunnit2023@gmail.com