Do you identify yourself as a plus-size girl? And are you disappointed with your overall fitness gain? Well, your choice of workout clothes can be a major reason behind your sub-optimal performance. Many plus-size fitness enthusiasts struggle with the same problem and start losing motivation because of uncomfortable workout experiences. The crucial factor they often miss out on is their fitness gear, particularly  of the bottom they choose for workouts. Let us explain why this issue is generally faced by plus-size women more often and what is the way out.


What Is The Issue With Regular Fitness Bottoms?

Workout bottoms like leggings and shorts work fine for athletes who have skinny figures or pear-shaped bodies. However, if you have a plus-size body, you should pick your workout outfit mindfully. Especially while selecting the size of your workout leggings, pick the correct size that hugs your body but is neither restrictive nor loose.


It’s a shame that plus size fitness gear is still not as frequently available as other regular sizes, which is why a large number of plus size female athletes go for regular sizes out of no choice, and it feels too tight and becomes restrictive to performance. One can't perform with full potential when their workout pants feel too tight, as it naturally leads to discomfort and thus poor performance. As a plus-size athlete, switching to high-performance plus-size leggings can reduce the performance crisis to a great extent.


Explore The Trendy Plus Size Leggings

While finding trendy styles, quality, and a wide collection within plus size leggings can be a daunting task, you can trust Hunnit in this matter. India’s most reliable female activewear brand, Hunnit, has presented its latest collection of stylish plus-size leggings with a promise of quality, high performance and optimal comfort. Let's explore what you can expect from these fantastic plus-size fitness bottoms.


Supreme quality

You can stay assured about the quality of your workout leggings and it significantly reflects in your workout experience. Specifically crafted by experts with advanced features, Hunnit’s productsmake them ideal for low to high-intensity fitness training.

Superior Comfort

Comfort is something that you must never compromise with, especially when it comes to workout clothes. And you would not even have to stress about comfort if you chose your fav plus-size leggings from Hunnit. Just like you, we prioritise your comfort too. And that’s why we craft your workout leggings with HunnitHug, our signature fabric that feels buttery soft on the skin.

Super Stretchability

How stretchable do you want your plus-size leggings to be? With four-way stretchability, you would not look for any more. Such smooth and great stretchability can be expected only from Hunnit’s leggings that allow you to move as wide as you, please.

Full Of Advanced Features  

A great variety of advanced features make these leggings an ideal fitness gear. They are moisture-wicking so that you can stay dry and fresh during summer workouts. Also, they can be your go-to fitness bottom in monsoon and winter as well, as the quick drying feature is there to serve you better. Moreover, these leggings provide you with the necessary support and coverage that your body needs during a workout.

Versatility and Fashion Forwardness

The trendy plus-size leggings are so versatile in design that you can style them multiple ways and wear them across events even outside the gym. Getting a couple of these stunning bottoms means your headache about matching and mixing tops and bottoms before going out, will be reduced to 50% at least. Since now is the peak time of athleisure trends, with these versatile plus-size leggings you can boost your fitness performance.

May 12, 2024 — Hunnit