Flare pants have been in fashion for quite some time, and for good reason. Not only do flare pants make a statement, but they are also highly versatile, allowing the wearer much more freedom of movement compared to regular-fit jeans. Pair them with a trendy t-shirt, a formal shirt, a crop top—you name it. Literally, everything goes well with a pair of flare pants.


Why Choose Activewear Flare Pants by Hunnit?

Now, coming to the topic of the mashup of flare pants and activewear, Hunnit has hit the right spot. Gone are the days of worrying about sweat not evaporating off pants easily. The fabric manages to wick away sweat while being comfortable and breathable enough to avoid discomfort, even in the worst of summers. Unlike other activewear clothing that can feel somewhat irritating to the skin, these activewear flare pants by Hunnit have a really supple feel, allowing for the most comfortable fit ever. Being both lightweight and stretchable, you can’t argue with these pants.


The Best Ways to Wear Activewear Flare Pants

Hunnit has a vast array of clothing articles to choose from, and the combinations are seemingly endless. When it comes to their activewear flare pants, they have quite a selection as well. But it can be quite a task to choose how to pair your activewear flare pants with suitable tops. Let’s talk about some of the ways to pair these pretty pairs of activewear flare pants with other articles of clothing, shall we?


Activewear Flare Pants Coupled with a Casual Top – Nothing says casual more than wearing a pretty top coupled with a gorgeous pair of activewear flare pants.

women hot pink flare pants with pockets

Not only does this combo look great, but it’s also a no-nonsense classic for the summer.


Activewear Flare Pants Coupled with a Hoodie – Well, if there are summers, there are winters as well, and winters call for hoodies.

women mauve tape flare yoga pants with pockets

Style your activewear flare pants by Hunnit with a hoodie for a combination that serves both utilitarian and trendy purposes.


Activewear Flare Pants Coupled with a Tucked-in Polo – This combination, again, is a no-fuss combo that can work on a number of different occasions. Casual date night? Check. Hanging out with friends? Check. Out clubbing? Check.

women wearing a black bootcut flare pant with pocket

It seems like Hunnit's flare pants cover all bases. Can’t go wrong at all.


Activewear Flare Pants Coupled with a Sports Bra – If you want to go full gym or workout mode, say no more. Pick your favorite sports bra and pair it with your active flare pants, and you’re set to hit the gym and work out without worrying about sweat.

women wearing mocha brown bootcut flared pants with pockets


Activewear Flare Pants Coupled with a Blazer – Well, there are times when you have to pull out the blazer from your wardrobe for a few formal occasions. These flare pants by Hunnit are full-blown activewear pants, but one would have to be hard-pressed to find the difference between these pairs of pants and actual formal pants.

women wearing a blue bootcut flared pant with pockets

Yep, these pairs of pants are actual sleepers and can be worn even in a formal setting.


Final Verdict

Our current age has taken the notion of serious clothing and thrown it out the window because, let’s be honest, being serious all the time just sucks the joy out of life, and nobody has time for that. Hunnit’s activewear flare pants make sure that they cover nearly every possible setting for wearing them while being confident in their sweat-wicking ability. Can’t say that for so many other kinds of clothing!
June 13, 2024 — Hunnit hunnit2023@gmail.com