Since their emergence in women’s fashion, the stunning co-ord sets have pocketed the style game smoothly. These fashionable two-piece sets have become go-to summer outfits for fashionistas. And why wouldn't they be? Who wants to struggle for hours about what to pair with before getting ready for every event? Co-ord sets have set women free from this headache, with stylish sets of uppers and bottoms, often followed by a third piece as a fashionable shrug or jacket. These trendy sets are widely loved by girls for making fashion effortless and comfy. 


We will now dive deeper into the art of summer fashion and how you can style these beautiful co-ords in summer. However, let’s first have a closer look at the co-ord set itself and how it’s so unique. 


The Great Comeback Of Matching Styles 

Matching styles were trendy and totally in fashion, even during the last few centuries. Traditional fashion had celebrated the same coloured sets for decades until the era of contrast emerged into the fashion regimen. Recently, the old matching fashion has made a grand comeback in the form of stunning co-ords and they are taking the women's fashion world by storm. However, the matching part is inspired from rich old fashion, but the style range of co-ord sets is wider than one can imagine. Starting from tops and skirt sets to classy blazers and bottoms, these sets get you all covered for every occasion. 


The all-new co-ord sets are so trendy and unique that they have even been largely incorporated into athleisure fashion, making them comfy and stylish for fitness training and versatile uses. If you want to slay this summer and stay comfy at the same time, upgrade your fashion game with the trendy co-ords. 


Best Co-ord Sets Style For Summer   


  • Top + Skort Co-ord Set

Co-ords with a flared skort and a cool top are the signature summer outfit for a chic look.

women pink co-ord set

These versatile and unique sets can be an ideal match for workouts, running errands, brunch with friends or even for a date night. The stylish polo neck crop top perfectly complements the mini-flared skort. Pair with classy sneakers and quirky fitness accessories and you are ready to rock girl! 


  • Sports Bra + Leggings 

Going bold in summer is the new fashion that lets you slay comfortably. So why not try the trendy sports bra and leggings co-ord set? The two-in-one sports bras are game changers.

women red athleisure co-ord set

You can style them as a sports bra or crop top, as per your mood. Consider pulling off a classy look this summer with body-hugging fitness leggings and statement sports bra co-ords. Your whole summer fashion will go from ‘meh’ to ‘yeah’ real quick! 


  • Crop Top + Flare Pants

The classy pair of flare pants and crop top is rocking the summer fashion for beautiful ladies out there.

women flared pants co-ord set

It’s comfy, it's classy, and most importantly it adds a touch of sophisticated elegance to your overall appearance. Style effortlessly in summer with these latest crop tops and flare pant co-ord sets. Trust us, you will absolutely love it. 


  • FLO Sports Bra + Shorts 

Style as unique as you are, with the latest FLO sports bra and shorts co-ord. These FLO sports bras are the ultimate blend of sports bras and stunning crop tops, offering you the smoothest-ever appearance with the fine touch of boldness.

women black co-ord set

And as a co-ord set, the top and the shorts just perfectly complement each other, drawing all the spotlight on you. There's no reason to not love this bold beauty look, except for one; you may get tired of receiving too many compliments. 

May 12, 2024 — Hunnit