Do you know that being involved in a steady fitness routine can significantly improve your appearance besides your health? Well, it's true. The way regular workout tones our muscles and boosts muscle growth is a well-known fact, but the impact it has on our mind and the health of our skin is truly underrated. 

Exercise contributes to your skin’s health in two primary ways: 


First, an intense workout boosts blood flow and provides your skin with plenty of nutrients and oxygen. 

Second, regular workout reduces cortisol which is the stress hormone and it helps to soothe inflammatory or damaged skin conditions. 

Although your skin can indeed get significant benefits from regular workouts, it can also become a severe threat to your skin if it's not taken care of properly. Here are the top 5 dermatologists' recommended skincare tips to ensure that your skin stays as healthy and happy as you. 


  • Cleansing Your Face Before Morning Workout 

If you follow a morning workout routine, heading straight towards the gym seems easier than making time for cleaning up your skin properly before hitting the gym floor. Whatever your skin type is, your facial skin produces enough sebum, or oil, overnight and just a few splashes of water can not remove the dirt and oil from your face. So if you jump into a workout first thing in the morning without cleansing your skin, it may lead to clogged pores, followed by acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Using a facial cleanser that is gentle on your skin before everyday workout does not only save your skin barrier, but also keeps you fresh during workouts. 


  • Be Sun Smart

Using a good broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must if you workout in an outdoor setting or get into contact with sunlight during exercise, even in winter. Getting exposed to harmful UV rays does not only tan your beautiful skin, but is also responsible for reducing collagen production, signs of early ageing, textured skin, and damaged skin barriers. On the other hand, covering your face, neck area, and other revealing parts with SPF can keep your skin healthy and away from the harmful sun damage. There are a variety of lightweight sunscreens that may be gentle on your skin and offer broad-spectrum coverage from UV rays.


  • Stay Hydrated, Both Inside And Out 

During exercise, your body loses plenty of water through sweat production. And thus, it’s important to ensure that both your body and skin are well-hydrated. While drinking enough water and fluid helps maintain a balanced water level in your body, using a moisturiser with hydrating elements like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and aloe vera pre and post-workout takes care of your skin's hydration. 


  • Say No To Micellar Water 

For the past few years, micellar water has become widely popular and has taken over the position of a facial cleanser. Avoiding it would be a good choice before a workout, especially if you have dry or combination skin. While it works like magic when it comes to removing make-up, unlike most of the cleansers, if you leave micellar water on your skin for a long, it may make your skin feel extremely dry and flaky. However, dermatologists suggest wiping out micellar water residue with a gentle cleaner before a workout. It's best to use a gentle cleanser with hydrating properties before exercise instead of micellar water. 


  • Wear Proper Fitness Gears 

Last but not least, use the right sports gear for a workout. Wearing breathable lightweight workout crop tops and tank tops reduces sweat production, and thus you can stay cool and dry during exercise. On the other hand, wearing well-fitted shorts and sports bras helps reduce the friction between your skin and clothing, thus avoiding the chances of breakouts on the skin. You may check out the rich workout gear collection of Hunnit, the only reliable female sportswear brand in India. While choosing sportswear, always go for quality fabric and a trustworthy brand. Opting for the right activewear can remarkably reflect on your workout experience and your skin's wellbeing.  

May 14, 2024 — Hunnit