Your fitness concerns are a form of self-love that gets nurtured through consistency, just like every other form of care and love. In the humdrum of surviving, we often forget to nourish our precious selves, thus self-care takes a backseat. Unfortunately, most of us remain so invested in struggling to make a perfect future that the cries for self-love don’t even reach our ears. It’s crucial to love yourself and embrace every shade of yours in the present if you really dream of a healthy future. 


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The good thing is that with the globally emerging fitness concerns, we are returning to the path of loving ourselves. The expressions of self-care can be manifold, the goal to achieve a fit and healthy body is basically one of those ways that you have chosen to take care of yourself as some people may find happiness in dying hair or spoiling themselves with gifts. But the struggle to maintain your fitness routine consistently speaks about the lack of priority you may have for your own self. So how to cope with that? Is lack of self-love just a backlash of busy life or do its roots lie deeper in our mental world? We will delve into this issue and find solutions to it. Be a part of our journey to find the keys to self-nourishment. 

Major Obstacles to Fitness Goals


While balancing work life, family and personal time is a real struggle, that alone doesn't pose the biggest threats to a healthy lifestyle and fitness. Several other factors come into play that abstain you from maintaining your fitness routine and one of the major causes among those are lack of self-confidence, self-satisfaction and most importantly not realising the need for self-care. 

The lion’s share of people don’t find their body and look attractive enough which reflects low confidence level, self-esteem and inferiority complex and these factors collectively become the greatest obstacles in pursuing their fitness goals.  Embracing your natural self and being at peace with it is the key to unlocking the door to self-love which is inherently connected to your health and fitness. 

Are Physical Health and Self-love linked?


Absolutely. Plethora of research have proven that your health both physical and mental, is directly linked to self-love and self-esteem. The idea of self-love is profoundly vague to most people. How you feel about yourself or the ways through which you express those feelings can be summed up as the essence of self-esteem.

People who struggle with low self-esteem, often find themselves as victims of abusive treatments or unhealthy lifestyles that may further deepen the risk of crucial health issues. On the contrary, having a higher level of self-love and self-esteem is associated with a healthy lifestyle. People with enough self-love tend to spontaneously attract positivity through a routine fitness schedule, better time and stress management and a healthy diet. The inherent link between fitness and self-love is undeniable. By taking small steps to love your own image and to advance your level of self-esteem, the ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle and fitness goals open up. 

5 Ways to Nurture Self-Love and Achieve Fitness Goals. 


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While improving self-esteem is not a quick job, slowly and surely with every little change that you make to love yourself, it will reflect significantly. The obvious result in your health and lifestyle is bound to reflect once you start prioritising yourself every day. Here are some experts suggested tips and following the same will help you to fall in love with yourself.

  • Body Positivity. 

  • Body positivity and acceptance are the key to fostering self-esteem and self-love. Embracing your body and all its unique attributes paves the way for self-care which is crucial for building a healthy relationship with your own self. 

    Make time for a brief self-care routine every day and ensure that after handling all the stress, your body gets the essential nourishment and care that it needs. Love the way you look and every inch of your body like you love your close ones. Once you start loving the image in the mirror, the need for the world's validation and reassurance will fade away. 

  • Maintaining Fitness Routine.

  • Following a workout routine can be one of the best ways to take care of yourself. Having a steady fitness schedule does not only effectively improve your physical health, but it also boosts your confidence and self-esteem. Start with the easiest exercises that you find interesting, it doesn't necessarily need to be full-fledged gym sessions. For instance, if you enjoy cycling or swimming as a fun activity, go for it and practice regularly. 


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  • Practising Mindfulness. 

  • The goal of nurturing self-love becomes easier to achieve with the practice of mindfulness. Let yourself sink in the present moments and connect your thoughts to reality in tranquillity for self-introspection. It unlocks the window for positive thoughts and consciousness regarding the present. Your physical health is strongly connected to your mental wellbeing, and therefore making some alone time every day for yourself, allows you to understand and analyse yourself better which is essential for loving yourself. 

  • Practising Acceptance and Forgiveness. 

  • Acceptance and forgiveness can collectively improve your physical and mental health. Research has shown that people who tend to hold onto resentments and grudges are most likely to lead an unhappy life driven by depression and anxiety. Understanding that feeding negative emotions like grudges, anger or hatred at the expense of your own wellbeing is not worthy at all, may help you to forgive and move on gracefully. 

    Practising acceptance negates the need for escapism and makes you face reality and move on while forgiveness makes room for positive emotions like compassion and mental peace, which leads to a better bond between you and yourself. 

  • Get Ridding of Unhealthy Habits. 

  • Unhealthy habits like addiction, poor sleep cycle or neglecting health issues are the biggest evil threats to self-love. You need to understand that if anything poses even the slightest threat to your fitness, physical and mental well-being, that is the enemy of your precious self. Getting rid of unhealthy habits and replacing them with good ones, can result in significant changes in your health and lifestyle. For instance, staying awake late at night regularly often leads to insomnia after 30s, while by changing this habit and following an "early to bed and early to rise" routine, you can stay energetic and productive all day long. Additionally, it may make time for a brisk morning walk or workout session.  

    Last Words. 

    Darling, if you don't pour out love to yourself by accepting who you are right now, achieving fitness goals will be a challenge in future. Only your mind and body are truly under your control and hence you are the one who is accountable for ensuring your wellbeing. It's absolutely fine to admire others but don't be harsh on yourself under their shadows. Prioritising yourself, your personal development and inner peace are crucial to building a healthy lifestyle. Girl, we hope you know how incredibly wonderful and unique you are. Stay kind and resilient and start choosing the person you see in the mirror from now on. all the power to you! 


    February 27, 2024 — Hunnit