Jogging is great. It is the balanced medium flow between sprinting and walking that lets you go at your own pace while vibing on your playlist. While a fast run is not everyone's cup of tea and a brisk walk may not be enough, jogging is the middle ground to opt for. Not only is it one of the simplest and low-budget workouts, but also regular jogging can be immensely beneficial for your health and mind since it's an outdoor exercise. 


However, before any exercise, sprinting or jogging, your muscles need to be prepared, otherwise, you are going to have a hard time with muscle cramps and pain. Hence, warm up before jogging is a must, in this way, your muscles will get the necessary prep time before a workout. And it's very easy, especially with these effective pre-jogging stretch techniques. Let's explore how to perform these stretches and why they are necessary. 


Best Pre-jog Stretches 

Before you start jogging, a brief warm-up session is essential, however, this period must include dynamic stretch moves that target all the muscles that would perform in the workout. Here are the 4 most effective and dynamic pre-jog stretch techniques that will unlock a new jogging experience for you. 


  • Standing Hip Flexion

When you are jogging or running, your hips are simply unhappy. So taking care of your hip joints so that it remains flexible is important. This particular stretch move targets your hip muscles and joints which helps in improving short-term mobility and saves you from long-term medical issues with hip joints.


How to do: 

  • Stand still and switch your entire body weight to your left leg. 
  • Bend your right knee and bring it upward until it’s an acute angle with the right hip. Hold the pose for 3 to 5 seconds. 
  • Place both your hands on the lower waistline for better balancing. Keep your upper body tight and pelvis area flexible. 
  • Repeat the same 8 to 10 times before switching between legs.

Pro Tips

Wear stretchable sports shorts or leggings that are neither restrictive nor too loose and consider breathable fabric for optimal comfort. 

Women wearing lavender gym tights with pockets


  • Lunge with Spinal Twist 

Lunge is an effective stretch ideal for both pre-jog and post-jog. The spinal twist lunge is a basic lunge move that works on each leg muscle individually. Why is it essential? Because, unlike walking, your legs perform individually when you jog. Hence, it's important to give each of your legs some particular moves and dedicate time to warm up. 


How to Do: 

  • Stand still and place your hands beside your hips. Keep the core strong. 
  • Keep bringing your right foot forward until your right knee forms a 90-degree angle and your left leg is stretched backwards against the floor. 
  • At this moment, your body weight should be equally balanced on two legs. 
  • Keep your pelvis closer to the ground, and left leg straight. Don’t let your left knee bend. 
  • For some extra support, place your left hand on the ground, right beside your right foot. 
  •  Raise your right arm straight overhead as you stretch and twist to the right side. 
  • Hold each side for 5 seconds, go neutral and rest and then repeat the same pose with the other side. 

Pro tip

Consider wearing high-performance flexible leggings for such stretches and a quality sports bra or tank top.

brown sports leggings for women

For intense stretch movements like lunges, prioritise four-way stretchable fabric. 

women black tank top


  • Side Lunge

This specific stretch position hits your inner thighs and hips to strengthen and stabilise the core muscles. For extra fun, you can give your hands some exercise with dumbbells


How to do:

  • Stand still with a medium gap between two feet, but don’t place your feet too wide. 
  • Now keep your right foot still and go wider with your left leg. 
  • With the motion, let your body weight switch to the left side. 
  • Keep your waist and hips nice and engaged. 
  • Hold the pose for 3-5 seconds, return to neutral and then repeat with your right leg. 

Pro tip

Quality sports shorts are usually preferred for this lunge, but you can wear leggings as well. Just make sure the bottom is not restrictive. 

Women wearing black sports shorts


  • Arm Swing 

Your legs may be the key actors when you jog, but your arms play the best supporting roles. Hence it’s important to keep your hands’ muscles strong and flexible before you start jogging. 


How to do:

  • Stand with a little gap between your feet. 
  • Now use both of your hands as a swing. 
  • Allow your arms to make almost a circle with the swing motion. 
  • Keep your hands straight during the motion and follow a rhythm with both arms.
  • Gradually increase the momentum and range of the swings. Repeat for about 20 to 30 seconds. 

Pro tip

Zen fitness sports bras or tank tops are the best options for these stretches.

women having fun wearing a nude padded sports bra

Keeping your shoulder joints bare and free will help you to perform the swings at full potential. 

June 12, 2024 — Hunnit