As an active woman, maintaining a steady fitness routine can be challenging, especially during your period. We know that it may initially sound like a deal breaker to workout on those days, especially when some of us can barely exist with those horrible cramps. However, the truth is that exercising can help you deal with period cramps when done rightly. Research has proven that during your menstruation period, you can easily gain muscles compared to other days.

While working out during their period may seem like a bad idea for all women who struggle with heavy flow and unbearable cramps throughout a prolonged period, it's important to understand that burning calories with physical activities on those days can be immensely beneficial to both your mental and physical well-being. Contrary to popular belief and myth, engaging in fitness training or yoga during your menstrual cycle can turn it into a happy period while uplifting your overall mood. If you are skeptical about continuing your fitness game on those days of the month, we hope that by the end of this article, all your confusion and worries will be gone. So, without further ado, let’s explore the benefits of exercising during this period


Why Working Out On Your Period Is Beneficial


  • Reduces Period Cramps

Suffering from painful cramps during those days of the month is a common struggle for most women. While all home remedies like hot water bags and painkillers fail to offer a steady solution, the benefit of exercising during your period is that it is proven to reduce menstrual cramps. It's all about keeping your muscles active on the toughest days of the month. However, it's important to go slow and wear proper fitness gear like a quality sports bra and high-performance leggings for workouts to prevent injury and unwanted muscle cramps.

  • Keeps PMS Symptoms on Check

Many women often experience fatigue, bloated stomachs and mood swings during menstruation, and sometimes they just become unbearable. However, the good news is that incorporating a couple of aerobic exercises can reduce these problems. Keeping your fitness game up during your period not only adds to your fitness gains, but also can potentially offer you a healthy and happy period.

  • Uplifts Energy

By increasing your blood flow and heart rate through working out, you can easily switch your mood and energy from ‘Eh’ to ‘Yeah’. With some gentle or moderate physical activities, your body stays active during this period and that significantly contributes to your overall energy. Working out during menstruation is indeed a good idea but only with the right sports tank top and sports shorts that will ensure your comfort during problematic moments.

  • Boosts Endorphins Secretion

 Additionally, working out during menstruation boosts the secretion of endorphins which are known for reducing stress and anxiety, and offering positive energy. Overall, staying physically active during menstruation not only positively contributes to your physical health but also uplifts your mental condition. Remember, it's not just perfectly normal but highly beneficial too to maintain your fitness routine during your period. 

July 11, 2024 — Hunnit