Sweat has a bad reputation amongst all the excretory functions, although it's not just natural, but also necessary for our body. While sweating during summer is obvious, excessive sweat can be the agent of discomfort and even worse, it may cause poor odour which is enough to break one’s confidence and appearance. As the summer reaches its heights, sweat becomes a major headache. Even after using tons of products like deodorant, body mist, underarm spray etc. to beat the sweat issue, it’s never truly gone. So, let's have a closer look at the science of sweat so that we can explore effective ways to deal with it, if not  eradicating it completely. 

Why Do We Sweat? 

Did you know that humans are one of the only two mammals that can run for a long distance? While most mammal predators have a gift of faster sprinting, only humans (and horses, since I know you are curious) have evolved with the endurance for long-distance running, thanks to our biggest excretory organ which is our skin. And that's why there's no such event as a marathon for cheetahs or lions! 


Sweating has earned a sort of bad image and is thought of as something gross. And although it is a necessary evil that we may hate with our hearts, we can't make it without this baddy either. Sweating is inherently important for us since it regulates our body temperature and of course our overall health. So how does this body temperature regulation work? Let’s see. 

The internal temperature of your body usually lingers around 98°F.  The moment the temperature starts rising abnormally, maybe due to outside heat, a fever, or physical activities, the hypothalamus in your brain signals your sweat glands spread all over your body asking to cool down your body by producing sweat. However, this cooling down process is not about just sweat dripping off your body, it also needs to be evaporated. We all know that heat is essential for vaporisation, right? So what your body does is convert the excessive heat into energy to evaporate the sweat off your skin and that's how your body cools down and restores the balance of internal temperature. Also, it explains why you often find yourself sweating even when you may be resting, for your internal temperature rises with anxiety, pain, or fear and as a biological response the same process repeats. 

How To Beat The Sweat  

Beating sweat is not as difficult as it may seem. By following a couple of easy healthy tips, you can make peace with the issue of sweating. The steps you can truly count on to deal with excessive sweat are mentioned below: 


  • Drink Plenty of Water  

Do a gentle favour to your body and start drinking as much water as you can, especially during summer. When you sweat too much, your body runs low on essential water, and the only way you can restore the reducing water level is simply by sipping on water, or food that contains enough water.


  • Wear Breathable Fabrics

By wearing light and breathable fabrics, you can stay cool, dry, and comfy during summer. Pure cotton is the champ of breathability and it doesn't suffocate your skin by adding to the heat. If you struggle with excessive sweating issues, check out the latest lightweight summer activewear collection from Hunnit.

women white gym top

All their dresses come with a moisture-wicking technique to keep you cool and fresh all day long. 


  • Switch To Light Meals

Avoiding spicy food and switching to light meals may take care of your overall health during the hot summer. Also consider saying ‘No’ to alcohol consumption, if you want to stay fit and fresh. Alcohol is infamous for boosting your body temperature and blood pressure, giving you a really hard time.


  • Opt For Soft Innerwear 

Not using the right innerwear may often lead to sweaty private parts which is not just unhygienic but also can be a major threat to your comfort. For women, the breast area tends to be sweaty which adds to the overall heat that you feel. Pick bras with a soft fabric that only offers adequate coverage. Hunnit’s fashionable sports bras are the top picks in this matter. 

women black sports bra


  • Be Sun Smart

Last but not least, upgrading your sun protection game is a must for staying fresh and cool this summer. Use a good sunscreen, preferably recommended by your dermatologist, and re-apply it every 2-3 hours for the best sun protection. Cover most of your skin before stepping into direct sunlight and wash your face with cold water from time to time. 

May 08, 2024 — Hunnit hunnit2023@gmail.com