With the modern lifestyle, fitness concerns have become an integral part of self-care. Whether you break sweat at the gym for a sculpted physique, or work out at home or outdoors to maintain a fit body and healthy lifestyle, self-care is the priority. However, for most women, finding quality workout outfits that fit them properly is a great challenge. You see  if your sports gear doesn't fit appropriately, there's no point in wearing it. Using poorly fitted clothing for exercise does not only cut down your fitness gain but also makes room for long-term problems like muscle cramps, spondylitis, back pain, saggy breasts etc. Thus, adequate fitting is as important as wearing quality workout clothing for exercise. Not to worry though, for in this blog, we will together explore the top 5 stylish gym bras tailored specifically for your body type. However, before that, let’s have a close look at why fitting should be your priority while shopping for sportswear.


  • Why Well-Fitted Sports Gears Are a Must?  

With emerging fitness concerns, athleisure trends have come to rule the fashion world, both for men and women. However, while there are plenty of designs available in the sportswear range, not all are crafted appropriately for all body types. Most of them are designed to fit skinny women or girls with hourglass figures which is a real problem since women with other body types such as pear-shaped physiques or plus-sized figures fail to find the right activewear for themselves. Now, for everyday fashion, you may go for loose-fit dresses but for workouts, you need body-hugging clothes that support your muscles during intense movements. To address this issue, Hunnit, India’s leading female sportswear brand, has come up with a wide range of women’s sports gears tailored for every single body type. Here you will find the latest collection of sports bras, leggings, shorts, tank tops, crop tops and much more. 

Now let’s explore 5 best sports bras that will offer you a personalised fit. 


5 Best Sports Bras From Hunnit 


If you are one of those fashionistas who live and breathe fashion, Hunnit’s latest Plush Sports Bra will be your pick.

Women wearing aqua blue sports bra

It's perfectly designed to provide your breasts and back with the adequate support and proper coverage. The awesome fit makes it an ideal sports bra for running, yoga, and any other type of physical activity you can think of. 


Most women prefer bras with adjustable straps, and why not? After all, adjustable straps offer a truly personalised fit and no wonder women love that.

A plus size women wearing a black sports bra with yellow straps

However, when it comes to sports bras, adjustable straps are rare in this particular category. Not to worry though, Hunnit offers you the perfect fashionable sports bra with adjustable straps. Also, the all-new Epic Pop Sports Bra is a cute V-neck bra with a hint of cleavage, which means now you can rock your fitness runway effortlessly. 


Comfort must be your priority and with that being said, sports bras front zip superiority comes automatically.

Women wearing a lavender sports bra

Not only can you  expect supreme comfort with OG front zip sports bras but it also gives you more authority to modify the fit according to your choice. Also, with a front zip style, your back will get more support during a workout, which means bidding farewell to back pain. 


FLO sports bra is the ultimate slayer that offers you a bold look and a comfy workout experience simultaneously.

women wearing a black cut-out sports bra

Say goodbye to the boring gym appearance and get dolled up with the trendiest FLO sports bra and leggings to unlock a bold workout experience. You can check out Hunnit’s top FLO sports bra online here and pick your favourite ones before they get sold out! 


Exploring women's sports gear would remain incomplete without mentioning the classic round-neck sports bras that have been rocking female fitness regimes for years and they never go off-trend.

Women wearing a blue sports bra

Hunnit’s best selling Zen round neck sports bra is one of the best sports bras for daily use, also you can style it in versatile ways with leggings or shorts for manifold occasions. Bag your favourite workout best friend now! 


June 08, 2024 — Hunnit hunnit2023@gmail.com