Despite following a steady fitness routine, many people often come up with a general complaint about not making remarkable progress. Though several factors may significantly contribute to the result, one of the most common mistakes that most fitness enthusiasts often make is neglecting the importance of a proper workout outfit. Thus, it remarkably reflects in their fitness gain, as choice of apparel plays a huge role in shaping performance during fitness training.


Why A Workout Outfit Is Essential For The gym? 

Have you ever performed exercises in regular clothes like cotton t-shirts and sweatpants? If so, you will know how discomfort creeps in once you start sweating. Regular fabrics are not supposed to be moisture-wicking, thus once your body starts releasing sweat, cotton pieces get heavier by absorbing moisture. And for materials like synthetics, they often produce an unpleasant odor while coming into contact with sweat. 


Apart from these issues, wearing inappropriate outfits for the gym may also result in poor performance, since the clothing is generally restrictive to a variety of movements. That’s exactly why sportswear pieces are essential for workouts. An ideally designed top and bottom will not only provide your body with support and comfort, but will also eliminate the potential obstacles to your performance- such as sports bra and leggings.  


Tips To Match Sports Bra and Leggings For Enhanced Performance 

If you are struggling to achieve your fitness goals, please consider revisiting your fitness wardrobe and most importantly your workout outfit. There is a high chance that your efforts are going in vain due to the wrong choice of fitness clothing. Here are a couple of tips by trainers and experts that will help you find the best sports bra and leggings for yourself. So join us on this journey to unlock the best workout experience. 


For Sports Bra


  • Pick the Right Design 
  • Since sports bras are available in a plethora of designs, it's important to pick the one that's best for you. Don't just fall for the look, but also consider other factors like coverage, comfort, fabric quality etc. For example, keep your shoulder length in mind while choosing a sports bra. If you have a narrow shoulder, opting for bras with a thin strap is fine but in case your shoulder is wide and you're not petite, always choose bras with a wide strap, since that will provide adequate support to your back and will not dig into your skin.


  • Coverage 
  • Pick the sports bra that offers you just adequate coverage, not too much or too little. Some bras are even available with a bit of a push-up feature, so choose smartly according to your requirements. Besides, look for a wider band around the bust, as it'll be more likely to stay in place perfectly during intense movements without getting folded or misplaced causing you discomfort.


  • Comfort 
  • Comfort is not a factor you are supposed to compromise with while buying an activewear piece like a sports bra. Make sure the bra provides your breasts and back with the necessary support and is not restrictive by any means. Performing exercises in the wrong bra means you are widening the door for having saggy breasts in advance. Also, look for a compact design so that the cups keep your breasts safe and away from bouncing with every move. 


    For Leggings


  • Length 
  • In the list of ideal workout bottoms, leggings come first. However, wearing one with the proper length is important to achieve the coveted performance. According to your comfort and the kind of workouts you are into, you may go for ¾th length, 7/8t cropped leggings, or ankle length ones. 


  •  Fabric 
  • Look for a breathable fabric with moisture-wicking and quick-drying features. Ordinary fabrics like cotton and synthetic are not great at dealing with sweat, thus it's essential to pick a fabric material that is ideal for fitness training. Prioritising your comfort, India’s leading activewear brand Hunnit has developed HunnitHug, a signature fabric ideal for workout gear, so that you can get a customised experience with the promise of supreme comfort. 


  • Stretchability 
  • If your fitness leggings lack adequate stretchability, maybe that is the reason behind your slower growth of performance. Almost all the exercises, starting from low impact to high intensity, involve enormous leg movements and wearing restrictive leggings can significantly hamper your performance. Quality workout leggings usually offer great stretchability and some even come with four-way stretchable features like the one you may find on Hunnit. With such smooth flexibility, you may perform any move like a free bird. 



    Besides other factors like multi-speciality gym, expert trainers and consistent practice, your workout gear has a significant impact on your fitness gain. Therefore, using the proper workout outfit is as necessary as following your fitness routine religiously. Despite putting in continuous effort, if you are lacking growth, it may be high time to change your fitness wear and switch to quality sports bras and fitness leggings. Try it yourself to explore a new form of comforting experience in the gym. 





    April 10, 2024 — Hunnit