During the summer, breaking sweat can be a real struggle if you don’t choose your workout clothing smartly. Workouts, especially outdoor activities, are difficult in scorching heat and to maintain your fitness routine during the summer, your exercise attire should be ideal for the season. 

The fabrics of your workout wear play a crucial role in shaping your comfort, therefore keeping this factor in mind is essential while choosing activewear for the summer. Several fitness fabrics like cotton, polyester, and lyocell are suitable options for sportswear and are specifically designed to keep you comfortable during workout sessions irrespective of the weather. However, we understand that picking the right fabric for yourself can sometimes be confusing as all available options come with manifold characteristics. But don't worry, we are here to walk you through the suitable fabric options and help you choose the perfect one. 

Best Fitness Fabrics for the Summer 

A good number of fabrics are used to craft sportswear, and each of them has a specific set of characteristics that may significantly change your workout experience. Let’s have a look. 


In the fashion industry, cotton has been enjoying enormous popularity for being soft, comfy and gentle on the skin. Although in a fitness regime, cotton has not been considered to be a suitable material for workout wear for a long time. There was a general consensus that cotton can not be moisture-wicking, thus making it a poor match for athleisure. However, in recent times, cotton has made a great comeback since other alternative fabrics can rarely manage odor as well as cotton fabrics can. 

For summer workouts, you may rely on cotton for its super breathability and soft touch on the skin, but it is still a weak match for sweat-wicking and rapid-drying features compared to its advanced competitors. 


Spandex is one of the most popular fabrics used for sportswear. Due to advanced fitness characteristics like high stretchability, breathability, and rapid drying technology, spandex has emerged as the favourite fabric of fitness enthusiasts. 

For workouts that require vigorous movements, spandex is considered to be the best material as it can be stretched to a hundred times wider than its actual size, which also makes it a popular choice for most of the famous sportswear brands. 

Bamboo Fiber  

Bamboo is one of the finest fitness fabrics that also comes with a good price. If you want a buttery soft feel and super moisture-wicking outfits for exercise, look for apparel made from bamboo fibers. During summer workouts, sweating can be a major reason for discomfort and keeping your skin exposed to UV rays may be a serious threat. Bamboo fiber resolves all these problems smoothly with the best odour management and excellent protection from harmful UV rays. Dresses crafted from bamboo fiber are ultra-light, highly stretchable, and super breathable, making them a great fabric for all seasons, especially during hot weather. 


The name microfiber is self-explanatory, as it is a fabric made from tiny and the finest threads of fibers. Offering a rough estimate may help you understand why microfiber is known to be micro. Every single thread of microfiber is a hundred times more subtle than a hair in the human head. Crafted from an amalgamation of polyamide and polyester, microfiber is one of the finest and most expensive fabrics to be used in the sportswear industry. If you are flexible in your budget, you may opt for microfiber for supreme comfort during workout sessions in the summer. 


Materials like synthetic and polyester are not eco-friendly yet have gained enormous popularity for their cheaper price. However, being inexpensive is not the only plus point of synthetic material, numerous other pros make it a suitable option among gym enthusiasts. 

Synthetic outfits are breathable and can quickly absorb moisture and keep you dry during heavy workout sessions in hot weather, though they are not efficient in controlling foul odour. So, if you sweat excessively, going for synthetic fabrics may not be a smart choice. 


There are plenty of options for materials and each of them has some unique features, sometimes even overlapping. Although fabric is not the only factor that shapes your performance and comfort, it is surely one of the most crucial ones. Therefore, while picking your workout outfits, be mindful of the material you are choosing, as it can significantly affect your performance. 

March 22, 2024 — Hunnit hunnit2023@gmail.com