Hunnit is a commitment to yourself. 
It’s an expression of your authentic self.
It’s a promise to embrace continuous growth and self-love.
It’s a passion for keeping it true and real.
Live your best life with Hunnit.

Hunnit Hug™

Introducing our all new Hunnit Hug™ fabric – where innovation meets comfort to revolutionize activewear. We've crafted this fabric with a keen eye on solving the unique challenges faced by Indian body types.  

Our brand has designed Hunnit Hug to hug and flatter every curve, making you feel unstoppable and extremely comfortable during workouts and everyday living. We didn't just create a fabric; we addressed the concerns and perfected it for you.

Move, groove, and slay with confidence – the Hunnit Hug™ fabric boasts inbuilt 4-way stretchability, supporting you in every twist and turn. Bid farewell to color bleeding and peeling woes – we've tested Hunnit Hug™ over 2500+ washes to ensure your fabric remains durable and ever-lasting, maintaining their vibrant hues. The fabric composition, a perfect blend of 80% Poly and 20% Spandex, offers the ultimate flex and comfort.

Vita Power (Italian Fabric)

Discover Vita Power – your gateway to sustainable style and peak performance. Immerse yourself in a style revolution with this eco-conscious marvel, meticulously crafted in Italy from regenerated ECONYL® Nylon thread. Vita Power is a dynamic duo of exceptional recovery and muscle compression propelling you beyond limits. Slow down lactic acid formation, embrace swifter physical recovery, and empower yourself to go further on your eco-sustainable journey.

Experience the comfort of Vita Power – compact, breathable, and light as a feather, offering a stellar UPF 50+ rating for UV protection. Its four-way stretch ensures limitless movement, while body sculpting enhances both style and performance. The buttery soft touch guarantees comfort, and its smooth fit enhances every move, turning every activity into a seamless dance.

Hunnit = 100%

Via Suede (Italian Fabric) 

Discover the unparalleled comfort and sophistication of Vita Suede, our Italian-crafted fabric that transforms your workout. "Peach Perfection" is achieved with a secret touch – a peached finish made with Vita Suede that's as soft as a peach and twice as sweet. Flexibility reaches new heights with the four-way stretch, adapting seamlessly to your every move. Move over gymnasts; there's a new flexibility champion in town! "Butter Soft Bliss" envelops you as our buttery-soft Vita Suede fabric caresses your skin, blurring the lines between comfort and cloud-like luxury.

Luxuriously designed, this fabric boasts a suede finish that redefines workout chic. Crafted from repurposed fishing nets and transformed into ECONYL®, choosing this eco-friendly fabric works wonders for our environment.

"High Performance" is the name of the game with unmatched elasticity and moisture-wicking properties. 

Unleash your prowess with Vita Suede's "Muscle Support." This cutting-edge fabric doesn't just support; it contours with powerful muscular containment, amplifying your strength in every workout.


78% Regenerated Polyamide 

22% Lycra

740 Fox Rec (Vietnamese Fabric)

FOX REC, the epitome of eco-friendly and perfectly fitted Vietnamese fabric by Hung Yen K&D. This textile seamlessly connects sustainability and comfort, embodying the essence of our brand's core principles. Crafted with precision, FOX REC offers a luxuriously soft feeling, superior elasticity, power, and exceptional breathability. Made from 100% Texturized DTY Recycled Polyester, FOX REC stands out as the ultimate sustainable choice for high-performance leggings and sports bras. Its quick-dry function not only helps to maintain body shape during workouts but also ensures lasting freshness.


  • 84% Recycled Polyester
  • 16% Elastane

Yuki Rec (Vietnamese Fabric)

Introducing Yuki Rec, the epitome of Vietnamese fabric innovation. Crafted from REPREVE® recycled polyester, Yuki Rec is a lightweight, compact, and breathable textile designed for the modern active lifestyle. 

This versatile fabric is not only perfect for single-layer activewear but also shines when used in double layers for vibrant and fashionable activewear. Experience the fusion of innovation and eco-consciousness Yuki Rec. 


  • 87% Recycled Polyester
  • 13% Elastane