When it comes to maintaining your Hunnit activewear in its superior condition, proper care and washing are essential. As a leading female activewear brand, Hunnit takes pride in producing high-quality workout gear including active leggings, sports bras, tank tops, and crop tops, all designed to provide style and comfort. To ensure longevity and retain the top-notch quality of your favourite activewear pieces, it is crucial to follow the proper maintenance routines. One of the key factors in caring for your workout clothes is how to wash activewear. Using the best detergent for activewear and understanding the importance of hand-washing active gear can make a remarkable difference in its performance and longevity during your workouts. In this guide, we will take you through some tips on how to care for your activewear. So let’s start!


Maintenance Guide For Hunnit Activewear

  • Washing With Detergent

For any piece of clothing, regular washing is an essential part. Still, you must properly wash gym clothes with the right detergent to maintain the fabric's colour, integrity, softness and performance. Look for a detergent that is specifically designed for cleaning sportswear or at least one that is free from additives and harsh chemicals. Effective yet gentle detergents help to preserve the moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties and elasticity of your Hunnit workout gear, ensuring that they remain in their original shape and continue to provide the comfort and support you rely on. 

  • Hand Washing

Try to avoid machine wash and rely on hand washing workout clothes whenever possible. Hand washing adds an additional layer of care to the articles of clothing. Unlike machine wash, hand washing allows you to cleanse your items delicately with care, without subjecting them to the harshness of machine washing, which can often lead to premature tear and wear.

  • Drying

Regular maintenance of your workout gear goes beyond just cleaning them properly. Storing your workout clothes correctly is as important as washing them gently to maintain their colour and quality. After washing, dry your activewear in natural air before storing them. Avoid using artificial heat for drying as high heat can potentially damage the elastic fiber and softness of the fabric, causing shrinkage and downgrading performance. By air drying your Hunnit sportswear, you can easily preserve its elasticity and shape, ensuring that it supports and fits you properly throughout your fitness sessions for years to come.

  • Miscellaneous 

In addition to proper cleaning and drying techniques, there are other factors in play for maintaining your Hunnit activewear. For example, be mindful of how often you wear and wash your favourite workout gear. While Hunnit’s activewear pieces are designed to withstand the rigours of frequent use, switching between a few different sets of sports outfits can help to prolong the longevity of each item. Also, avoid applying fabric softeners to your workout clothing as they usually leave behind residues that damage the quick drying and moisture-wicking features of your Hunnit activewear. By following these simple maintenance hacks, you can preserve the quality, fabric, colour and softness of your activewear for a long time and keep them in peak condition.

July 05, 2024 — Hunnit hunnit2023@gmail.com