Fitness is the new fashion and one of the best ways to boost self-care. Maintaining your fitness schedule consistently without losing interest involves a few additional steps that may help you achieve your fitness goals. The first and foremost step is building a workout wardrobe specifically for gym sessions. It is an essential part of a fitness routine quite similar to packing a bag for the gym. 

Keeping a gym sack pre-packed with all the essentials in your bedroom or car that you can just pick-up and leave for the gym is recommended and helps save time- if you are a serious fitness enthusiast. Some people who religiously follow fitness routines even have multiple gym bags ready to go according to various kinds of workouts. 

Stressing over finding each and every necessary piece before leaving for the gym is just a waste of time and energy, and putting in additional effortseveryday may be enough to lose interest in maintaining a workout routine. To save time and avoid mishaps, we have carefully listed the most essential gym items that you must keep ready before every gym session. 

Gym Sack 

As we have discussed already, having a gym bag is mandatory for every fitness enthusiast. However, before packing just any bag with your gym essentials, take a minute to consider whether that bag has sufficient space to contain all the necessary items. Carrying a bag that is excessively big even after packing all the necessary kits or a bag too small in which you have to jam everything forcibly does not make sense. Go for the right-sized bag that will be sufficient for carrying all your essential fitness kits and be flexible enough to move in public places or transport if needed. 

While getting a gym bag, always look for one that has separate dry and wet compartments, to save your phone, earbuds and other accessories. The strap of your gym bag must be adjustable and thick enough to remain on your shoulder restfully. 

Workout Outfits

Forgetting essential workout gear at home is a real waste of energy for productivity. Based on your workout routine, a few essential gym wear items to pack may include: 

  • Fresh and tidy sports bra and underwear 
  • Clean pair of multiple workout socks, because you would not want to wear the same pair twice. 
  • Top and bottoms for workout (including shorts, leggings, sweatpants, workout tees, crop tops or tank tops.) 
  • Headgear such as clutch, hairband, rubberband or cap
  • Swimsuit, goggles and swim cap if you burn calories through swimming sessions/classes 

Workout Shoes 

Your gym shoes are one of the essential items to pack in your workout bag. Although it may seem like a general item, it's crucial to keep in mind that for specific workouts you will need a particular pair of shoes. For instance, wearing ordinary running shoes in a spinning session does not add any value. 

We understand that having a particular ideal pair for each exercise is nearly impossible, so we suggest you go for multipurpose quality athletic shoes that may adequatelycover all your gym activities. However, building a shoe rack for particular exercises will significantly benefit you. There is a wide range of pocket-friendly shoes available that are specifically designed for sprinting, weightlifting, indoor rock climbing and cross-training. Also having a decent collection of shoes will let you switch between them and allow you to dry each pair between workouts, which will eliminate the chance of awful foot odour.

Gym towel 

Some gyms offer you a complimentary towel while others may require you to bring one for yourself. Towels are always counted as private items and most people prefer using their own towels, for obvious reasons. During workouts, our bodies break sweat necessarily and using a towel used by multiple people can be unhygienic. Speaking of hygiene, consider carrying a hand sanitiser for workout sessions to avoid getting in contact with the germs left behind by fellow gym-goers on the equipment.  

Having a decent collection of towels for workouts is crucial so that you can always have multiple fresh options to use. For gym purposes, cotton towels are ideal as they are extremely absorbent and dry quickly. If you sweat overly, choosing a microfibre towel can be great, because the moisture evaporates even faster. Another type of towel that is useful for gym-goers is the cooling towel. These towels are specifically designed to lower your body temperature and absorb sweat simultaneously.

Water Bottle  

Staying hydrated during vigorous workout sessions is a crucial measure that you must take care of by carrying a water bottle at the gym. Although most gyms now have facilities for purified mineral water, waiting in a cue dehydrated after a heavy workout session is just too much. 

Consider keeping a reusable filled water bottle in your gym bag before rushing to the gym. There are bottles available in the market that can keep liquids chilled for up to an entire day. Make carrying a water bottle into a habit, especially in the gym, as no amount of water is too much for your body. 

Smart Watch 

Though using a smartwatch is not essential for the workout, having one can be immensely useful. Unlike regular watches, a smart watch's functions aren’t  confined to just displaying time. From recording  your stepsand respiration tracking to monitoring your heart rate, it has plenty of features that can be helpful for your workout sessions. 

Earbuds for Tunes 

Some people need music to avoid getting zoned out and enhance their workout pace. However, music taste varies from person to person and it is always good to carry your own setting for music. Bringing your cell phone and earbuds can prevent you from getting distracted by the usual music played at your gym. 

Before leaving for the gym, make sure that both your earbuds and cellphone are charged enough. Getting a pair of sweat-resistant and wireless earbuds is a smart move to pace your workout while enjoying your favourite playlist.

Items for Personal Care  

No matter the gym you have chosen, your personal hygiene comes first and foremost. There may be a ton of unhygienic threats at your workout place that can’tbe avoided by just freshening up after a workout. Therefore, it's essential to keep some items handy for personal care at the gym and these may include: 

  • Extra underwear and bra 
  • Face and body moisturiser 
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Menstrual kits like sanitary pads, tampons or menstrual cups
  • Antifungal ointment or spray 
  • Deodorant
  • Bath towel
  • Body wash or soap
  • Scrubber or washcloths
  • Flip-flops or shower sandals

Energy Drink and Bar 

After every full-fledged workout session, hunger kicks in really hard. Keeping a couple of energy bars along with your gym kits in the bag may be a good idea. Energy drinks work fine as well in the middle of prolonged gym sessions to keep you energised. In case you cannot get a chance to fill your stomach beforehand, munch on a high-carb energy bar before starting your workout in full motion. 

Gym Lock  

While most of the high-end gyms offer lockers with an automatic lock functionality built in, some may require you to use your own lock so that your belongings remain at your own risk. Using your own lock for a gym locker is a safe option if the security management of your gym is not tight enough. However, sticking to a particular lock can be tricky, as not every lock fits every locker, especially if you have to switch between gyms. Therefore choosing a lock according to your gym locker is the best idea. 

Summing Up

The easiest way to trace all your essential gym items before leaving for the gym is to gather them in one place. The way you used to keep your bag pre-packed for school because it was time-saving , plus an easy way to avoid forgetting necessary items at home, the same applies to your gym too. So if you are struggling with maintaining your fitness routine, consider packing your bag beforehand with these essential kits. We promise that your overall workout experience will improve.  

March 09, 2024 — Hunnit