The world of activewear is dominated by many clothing brands out there, which claim that their activewear is the best among the bunch. Everywhere a consumer looks out, activewear clothing brands are certainly going to try and catch their attention with claims of their articles of activewear being a cut above the rest. However, only a true activewear wearing aficionado will be able to tell the difference between a run-of-the-mill piece of activewear and a top-class article of the same class. What active tops by Hunnit is trying to promote are activewear tops that are a cut above the rest.

women active wear gym tops

Well, it’s getting a bit too sweaty in here, let’s talk about why active tops are such a necessity these days, shall we?

The Necessity of Active Tops That Are Aesthetic

Wanting to stay fit is what people should be trying to achieve these days, since 9-5 jobs require people to sit for hours on end. Working out is an escape for so many people out there to get a breath of fresh air either before or after their office hours, or even on weekends. With so many people in our society  barely getting the time to work out, it’s imperative that people get to exercise to their hearts’ content. Judging by how sweaty people can get while working out, proper apparel can mean the difference between a continued habit of working out and quitting after day one of detox.

Choosing the correct article of active top wear can make a massive difference. With so many brands out there promoting the best fit, the best sweat wicking abilities, and a lot more, any person out there seeking quality active wear can get really, really confused.

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Yeah, many brands do achieve the qualitative aspects of a perfect piece of active wear, but only a few manage to do it with the pazazz! Fashion statements being the end-all arguments for literally everything these days, it’s kind of hard to appeal to the masses who believe that not looking good is the end of the world. Aesthetics do play a huge role.

Why are Active Tops Necessary?

Ever worked out while wearing a cotton t-shirt? Did it feel good while being drenched in sweat? Probably not. Well, active wear tops are an absolute necessity.

black sports bra workout crop top for women

Nobody likes the feeling of working out while they are covered in sweat. Not only is it highly uncomfortable, but it is highly unsightly and offensive to the nostrils for those who are concerned. Articles of active wear tops make sure that perspiration gets quickly evaporated and the wearer doesn’t feel uncomfortable. A lot of people tend to have the idea of having a “dress code” of sorts while working out. While it might seem ridiculous to some, the idea of fitting in certainly helps. Hey, if something makes someone lead a healthy lifestyle, what’s the bad in that? Work out to your heart’s content!

Is It All About The Drip?

Well, it certainly isn’t. Hunnit’s active wear tops make sure that the wearer not only feels completely comfortable in them, but they also make sure that they are quick to dry off and cool down the wearer while they jog around or work out at the gym. If being aesthetic and cool is on someone’s mind, these cool active wear tops certainly have that area covered too. Not only are these active wear tops functional in every single aspect, they also manage to look the part in every single way. Wear these for an afternoon workout session or just for hanging out during a summer Sunday outing, and nobody will bat an eye. 

Final Verdict


Nobody really likes the idea of being absolutely drenched in sweat after a hard day’s workout session, and it’s absolutely imperative that wearing the correct kind of active wear tops does the trick. Rest assured, these active wear tops by Hunnit guarantee that the wearer manages to stay in full drip while making sure their sweat doesn’t drip!

April 07, 2024 — Hunnit