Versatility in style is one of the defining features of Gen Z, and from outfits to accessories, experiments are a must for upgraded fashion. Even if you look back over the past couple of decades, nobody could even think of wearing sportswear as an everyday outfit for social events. Since then, the entire scenario changed after the groundbreaking revolution in athleisure fashion. Now, activewear commands a dominant place in the fashion world and it's frequently popping on the cover pages of famous fashion magazines like Vogue. 

Presently , when you are shopping for gym wear, you are actually buying versatile pieces for several occasions. The most popular workout piece that girls have widely incorporated into their everyday appearance is the gym skirt. While skirts are the classic instruments to create a chic look, a little bit of experimentation is required to style your gym skirt as everyday wear and trust us, the final look will be totally worth it. Additionally, to ease your task, we are here with some handy fashion tips about how to create unique looks by pairing different tops with your workout skirt. So let’s get started, shall we? 

Best Tops To Pair With Fitness Skirts 

Having a wide collection of designs and styles to choose from is definitely a blessing, but it also brings confusion to the table. Talking about style, a variety of trendy and stylish tops are now popping up and most of them may already be in your wardrobe. However, every particular piece of clothing needs to be complimented with the appropriate counterpart to reflect a perfect appearance. Cool and fashionable tops that go super fine with gym skirts are listed below, so go ahead and check them out to create versatile looks for various events. 


Crop Tops 

The appeal and functionality of crop tops have taken the women's fashion world by storm for the past few years. Available in a wide range of styles, these tops ideally offer a bold and chic look when paired with skirts. With flared skirts, you can pair polo-neck crop tops that offer adequate coverage and support to your breasts. Also, in  summer, such outfits can ideally keep your fashion game up without jeopardizing your comfort. 


Sports Bra 

There may rarely be any top for women that can top the style, comfort, and bold vibes of a fine sports bra. From the gym to vacations and date nights, the ever-stylish sports bras have made fashion comfortable like never before. With perfect coverage and buttery soft fabric, these sports bras have been stealing the hearts of ladies. Check out the finest collection of Hunnit’s sports bras to pair with your gym skirt for a flattery appearance. Incorporating your most essential workout pieces into everyday wear is not just a way to stay comfy, but also the most fashionable way to style uniquely. 


FLO Sports Bra 

Whatever the name suggests, FLO sports bras are two-in-one activewear pieces that can slay both as a top and bra. Now, it's time to say goodbye to the boring conventional tops and welcome the all-new FLO sports bra. If you want to create a hot and cute look at the same time, contrast your flared gym skirt with a quality FLO sports bra for a fascinating view in the mirror. Trust us, you’ll get mesmerised just by looking at your stunning self. 


Front Wrap Tops 

The all-new front wrap crop tops are the ideal choice for those who want to look hot without revealing much skin. The wrap style over your tummy offers an attractive fitting and enough coverage around the breast area. Just like your workout skirts, these tops are great at covering the necessary portions without compromising on style. Keeping a couple of these front wrap tops in your wardrobe along with skirts will keep you covered for loads of formal and informal events. 


Tank Tops

Cool and funky tank tops are in the trendy fashion game, and are highly appreciated by women for comfy styling. As comfort and functionalities are the cornerstones of modern athleisure trends, tank tops are effortlessly nailing the game by creating a flexible fashion look while paired with workout gear skirts or shorts. These tops are available in a wide variety to pick from, allowing you to create versatile looks when matched or contrasted with skirts. 


If you really think about it, sportswear pieces have all the essential features to be used as everyday wear. In modern fashion, where style and comfort are not at odds, your workout clothes may smoothly slip into your main fashion wardrobe to offer you an amazing fashionista look. Well, think of it as sustainable fashion or just another excuse to flaunt your chic and cute vibe in a skirt. With a good collection of fine activewear and a bit of fashion sense, you are always ready to slay girl!

April 09, 2024 — Hunnit