Co-ord sets are taking the women's fashion world by storm. The stylish sets reshape the notion of fashion with a grand comeback to the matching era. Whether it's about heading to the gym, café, or any other social gathering, the struggle to find the perfect top and bottom for the day is tiresome and time-consuming. Co-ord sets sought to eliminate this daily struggle by offering a complete set with a complimenting top and bottom. 


In the world of athleisure, co-ord sets also go the extra mile in terms of offering comfort and flexibility, thus making it an ideal fitness outfit for workout sessions. Not only that, but compared to other gym outfits, fitness enthusiasts choose these sets for their manifold features that significantly boost their performance in the gym. Now, you might be thinking, how a piece of clothing can have such a huge impact on fitness gain? Well, join us on this journey to find out for yourself!


Why Fitness Co-ords Sets Are Essential? 


  • They’re  Fashionable 
  • Gone are those days when comfort and style were considered to be poles apart and people were least bothered about looks during fitness training. In the fashion-forward era, the look does matter, and that's why these gym co-ords are swiftly stealing the heart of ladies. It’s cool, it’s stylish, and the fine sporty look it offers is adequate to boost your confidence while looking at the mirror. 


  • Ultimate Comfort 
  • Have you ever tried breaking a sweat in inappropriate articles of clothing like trousers and baggy T-shirts? In a fitness regime, comfort plays a crucial role in shaping your performance. Minimal comfort during relaxing activities may work fine but for exercise, ensuring optimum comfort is essential. As your energy is already ripping off through exercise, your body cries out for the most comfy clothing that can support it during a workout. Hunnit’s fitness co-ords are made of buttery soft fabric with advanced moisture wicking and quick dry technique to be your ideal workout buddy in all seasons.

    women pink sports wear set

    The fabric is so soft and comfy that it feels like nothing. 


  • Great Functionality
  • Even in terms of functionality, these sets are top-notch. With a wide range of advanced features, these co-ords make the perfect outfits for low to high-intensity workouts. Its four-way stretchable feature allows you to move as you please and helps you perform to the fullest potential. Both the top and bottom are specifically designed to support your breasts, hips, and thighs during workouts like jogging, squatting, and push-ups. The fitness co-ords sets are ideally crafted to offer you a comforting experience during vigorous workout sessions. Keeping the fact that girls love pockets in mind, the co-ords bottoms come with a pair of pockets to keep your essential belongings safe and handy. 


  • Huge Variety  
  • Women's fashion taste is typically unique and subtle, and to cater to such a wide range of styling senses, the gym co-ords are available in a variety of designs and styles. For instance, if you prefer staying cool in minimal clothing during a workout, a sports bra and shorts co-ords would ideally be your cup of tea.

    black co ord set for women

    On the other hand, if you want to stay comfy with a bit more coverage for sun protection, sets with sleeve crop tops and leggings are the perfect match for you. 


  • Versatility 
  • Lastly l, versatility is a major factor in the sportswear world. You wouldn't want to spend much for a fine piece that you can only use within the four walls of the gym, right? Hence, versatility is the key factor behind the enormous popularity of these fitness co-ords sets. Starting from the gym to a road trip, brunch date or restaurant hopping, the all-new fitness co-ords will be your bestie. 


    Final thoughts 

    The all-new fitness co-ords sets have set athleisure trends on fire since their arrival. No wonder that it has won the hearts of millions of girls whether they're actively in a fitness regime or not. By offering a fine blend of fitness and fashion, the co-ords sets are nailing the game while the additional boost to your performance is just a cherry on top. Is there anything more your heart could wish for? 

    April 10, 2024 — Hunnit