Coordinated sets, popularly known as co-ord sets, currently dominate modern Gen Z fashion and have earned a permanent place in every fashionista’s wardrobe. While these complete sets are available in a wide variety of designs, a few specific co-ord styles have pocketed the fashion game already. One of those fantastic pairs are joggers co-ords, which come with a smooth blend of ultimate comfort and fashion, making their way to the hearts of millions of ladies who prioritise comfortable style. 


What Are These Joggers Co-Ord Sets?

Similar to other co-ord sets, the all-new joggers co-ords are matching sets that typically consist of a jogger and a hoodie. Reshaping the conventional idea of joggers, these sets come with a wide variety of bottoms and tops within the specific category. Some people may prefer a loose bottom with a complimenting short-length hoodie, while others may want something different like a classic jogger with a PLUSH hoodie. However, to cater to each and every fashion taste, the joggers' co-ords are developed in manifold designs, ideally suitable for GEN Z.  


Style Joggers Co-Ords For Manifold Occasions

These matching sets are so widely loved by people like you that now they seek ways to style these jogger co-ords as everyday wear ideally suitable for manifold occasions and settings like office, vacation, casual hangouts and so on. So, we read your thoughts perfectly and have come up with a couple of useful fashion tips that you have been looking for. Here are the ways you may effortlessly slay in the jogger co-ords on every occasion.


  • For Formal Settings:

Our styling and fashion significantly differ based on the formal and informal nature of the place and event. Office fashion is now a real thing and you would not believe how smoothly you can flaunt your bossy persona in the office with these joggers co-ords.


  1. Hunnit’s brand new PLUSH hoodies and jogger co-ords can be your perfect office wear that seals your formal appearance with a luxe and sophisticated touch. 
  2. Crafted from their signature fabric HunnitHug, it allows you to stay comfy amidst heavy workloads and the hidden pockets in your favourite joggers keep all your essential belongings safe and handy. Plus, it offers an additional boost of confidence, because who doesn’t know girls’ love for pockets? 
  3. Consider creating a contrast by replacing the bottom with bootcut joggers or leggings and folding the finishing line of the hoodie inside for a more attractive and versatile look. 
  4. Try pairing the co-ord set with a pair of classy sneakers and a quirky backpack to carry your necessary items. 


  • For Informal Events

The scope for experimenting with your style is really wide for informal events like vacations, dates, shopping, friends or family get-togethers and so on. However, you will still need to start with some basic fashion ideas to end up with a fantastic outcome. So, we are about to share some easy tips with you to slay in these joggers co-ords effortlessly.


  1. Opt for the OG hoodie and joggers co-ord set which is a perfect blend of sporty, fashionable style and comfort. Depending on your love for a bold look, you can easily turn the hoodie into a cute full-sleeve crop top. The bell-bottom joggers compliment the flattery crop hoodie and offer an irresistible chic yet sporty look. 
  2. Having a couple of these co-ords sets means you can easily mix and match the tops and bottoms as you wish to create a more unique look for every event. 
  3. Since accessories are the finishing touch to your fashionable appearance, consider contrasting them with a quirky sling bag and a pair of fine boots. 
  4. On second thought, you may create a fashion statement with a quality leather handbag which will be ideally complimented with a pair of box heals. 
  5. Wear fine goggles if you’re familiar with using them and you are ready to rock the fashion runway. 


Summing Up 


Fashion is just like coffee- everyone's taste is unique and this especially goes for women. And that's where the beauty of fashion lies, in its diversity. What may look stunning on you, may not reflect the same aura on others and it's only perfect this way. All that matters is loving your own reflection in the mirror and feeling confident about yourself, and that’s where style comes into play. So, try our fashion tips next time when you put on your favourite joggers co-ords set and don't forget to pass a compliment to yourself while passing a mirror, because we know you deserve it, girl!

April 10, 2024 — Hunnit