Yoga is an activity to keep you calm and relaxed in difficult situations or weather. It is the key that unlocks the door for health, fitness, mindfulness, physical and mental flexibility, and much more. While yoga can help you stay calm mentally, it's also known for being an effective way to deal with the hot summer. In tropical countries like India, performing certain yoga poses routinely can  prove beneficial in beating the scorching heat of summer. Now, let’s find out the yoga poses that are not only great for summer exercises, but also known for their effectiveness in dealing with heat. Join us in this fitness venture where we will guide you through chalking out your summer yoga routine. 


The Basics For Summer 

Yoga is indeed a great way to secure health, positivity, and soothe your body and mind when things get heated up. However, its effectiveness can only be optimised when you maintain some basic steps for summer such as: 


Staying Hydrated 

During summer, your body excretes plenty of water through sweating, thus leaving you dehydrated. The best way to stay cool in summer is simple- drink as much water as you can throughout the day. If you are tired of sipping plain water due to its bland taste, try tastier alternatives like coconut water, watermelon, or cucumber juice. Keeping yourself well hydrated is the first and basic step before performing any exercise in summer. Performing yoga with a dehydrated body is a big NO. 


Moving Slowly 

While performing yoga routinely can reflect into your energy, it’s important to move smoothly. Always choose a comparatively cooler space for yoga, because performing movements in a heated spot will only drain your energy and overheat your body. Maintaining the correct order of poses is a must, and it should always start with the simplest ones. 


Wearing Breathable Yoga Outfits 

Choosing a light and breathable outfit for yoga is an essential step for staying cool during summer. Besides, not wearing an appropriate dress for yoga not only leads to discomfort, but also ruins the whole point of performing yoga. 


Best Yoga Poses For Summer 


  • Downward Facing Dog-pose 

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Firmly place your palms on the ground while standing with closed legs. In this position, your body will form an 'A' or reverse 'V' shape. Keep your buttocks up and your legs straight without bending the knees. Stay in this pose for eight to ten seconds. This is a great pose for strengthening hip muscles and shoulders. 


  • Low Lunge 

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Anjaneyasana or low lunge is a simple yoga pose that needs you to place your right foot on the ground and keep your right knee straight over it. Now, stretch your left leg backwards and form a bow-like shape with your left leg and upper body part. Keep your buttocks inward and arch backwards with both arms. Hold for four to five seconds if you are a beginner, and with time increase the hold to eight to ten seconds. This pose alone develops your pelvic muscles, reduces belly fat, and eliminates back pain. 


  • Half Monkey God Pose 

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Half Monkey God Pose or Ardha Hanumanasana is the pose where you are required to place your right toe on the ground and switch your buttock back on your right knee. Keep your left leg straight and place your left heel on the ground. Both of your hands should be placed horizontally in line with your left heel. Stay in this position for eight to ten seconds and then relax. 


  • Heart Melting Pose

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Anahatasana or heart-melting pose is good for reducing stress and keeping your body calm and relaxed. Float your buttocks up above your bended knees and keep your chest down towards the ground. Spread your hands straight on the ground while your forehead rests between your hands. Hold this pose for eight to ten seconds before relaxing. 


  • Seated Hug 

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This pose is more likely to be hugging yourself in a specific and unique sitting posture. First, be seated on the ground with your legs straight in front of you. Now, pull your thighs and torso closer to your breasts and float your feet up. Hug yourself around your knees and gently rest your chin in the hollow space formed between your chest, knees, and biceps. Try to keep your body weight mostly on your hips and backbone. Stay still for eight to ten seconds, then relax.  

May 06, 2024 — Hunnit