Summer may be a good time for doing so many things, but working out is not one of them. At least, that's what people think. While it's true that breaking sweat in scorching heat doesn't sound fun at all, with a couple of fun workouts, you can easily maintain your fitness routine, even in hot summer. This alteration in your workout schedule is much needed for this time of year, especially if you live in a tropical country like India. 

If you are struggling with keeping up your fitness training in the hot summer and thinking of pausing it as the only solution, this article is for you, honey. Taking a long break from your workout routine is not only a bad idea, but also means letting all your previous efforts go in vain. Rather, modifying your present workout schedule with some fun fitness activities may be a smart way to beat the heat and achieve your fitness goal simultaneously. 


5 Fun Ways To Break Sweat in Summer 

Routine workouts often become monotonous and feel like doing chores. It’s enough to lose interest and consistency in fitness training. However, the way out of this boredom is simple, and here are 5 fun activities to spice up your summer fitness routine. Let’s have a look. 



Among all the interesting activities you can try this summer as an alternative to your gym workout lesson, cycling is one of them.

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Cycling in the outdoors is enormously beneficial for your fitness growth, plus it's a great way to stay around nature, amidst the fresh air. Experts say, only 30 minutes of cycling every day is more effective both for your body and mind than an hour-long workout in the gym or at home. Whether it's a short solo trip at the weekend or just exploring the neighbourhood, your two-wheeler buddy gets you covered. P.S., don't forget to wear sunscreen before leaving for cycling in the summer unless you enjoy getting tanned badly. 



Do you feel like a wanderlust trapped in the body of an office goer? Well, you have got the perfect excuse to unleash the wanderlust self of yours by going out hiking this summer.

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Hiking is an ideal outdoor workout idea for those who love exercise punched with adventure. Look out for nearby trails or places where you can go hiking. Team up with friends or embrace your own company, and go out to explore the unseen. Trust me, you will forget about the heat, boredom and everything else for the next few days.



No matter how bland it sounds, we all know how good it feels at times to walk, especially when you have no hurry to reach a certain destination.

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While walking may be a low-intensity workout, it can significantly contribute to your fitness gain, even if you walk as less as just three hours a week. Instead of walking on a treadmill, walk-in outdoors, preferably in a garden, field or through a quiet lane. Having a brisk morning or afternoon walk every day is not just good for your body but also it's proven to reduce mental issues such as stress and anxiety.



Yoga is one of the best ways to achieve fitness goals along with mental peace. In the sweaty summer, switching your workout routine to yoga can be pleasurable, calm, and beneficial for your body and mind.

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While breaking sweat in the gym can only reflect on your physical well-being, yoga takes care of your mental health as well. All you need is a yoga mat to start performing the asanas or poses you find flexible. Choose an outdoor place like a veranda, balcony, or backyard for yoga. A well-ventilated spot, preferably outdoors, is ideal for it. 


Playing Childhood Games With Friends

What if you get a chance to relive your childhood days? Those days were beautiful because the games and sports we used to play were just for the sake of having fun, not due to any health or fitness concerns.

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Let yourself relish those golden days with your friends or family by playing those childhood sports again. No other workout session can match the level of serotonin boost you can get from a football, cricket, or badminton match with friends. 



The awful heat of summer is inevitable, but there are always ways to turn your problems into fun. You may not control the hot weather outside but you can beat the heat with activities that offer you fun. Whichever from the upper-mentioned list fits your taste, can be your summer activity. And if none of these feels like your cup of tea, then you can always come up with some idea that meets the end goal, which is keeping yourself healthy in summer. After all, staying fit is all that matters. Keep your fitness game up through your favourite fun activities and don't forget to drink plenty of water. 

May 06, 2024 — Hunnit