Shorts being the versatile and most comfortable bottomwear for women, are now dominating both the fashion and athleisure world in various forms. There is hardly any other outfit option that lets women slay and snuggle at the same time. For a long time shorts were the go-to choice for female fitness enthusiasts, for it's comfy, offer only adequate coverage and are not restrictive at all. 

However, with the buzzing popularity of sportswear trends, the basic shorts have gone through major changes and transformed into athlete shorts appropriate for fitness training. But often girls get confused between regular shorts and fitness shorts and end up buying the former for workouts. In today's article, we will explore together everything that you need to know about athlete shorts and most importantly the factors you must consider while buying one. 


Are Regular Shorts and Fitness Shorts Different? 

Yes, of course! Just like you can't wear loafers or tailored pants in the gym, wearing basic shorts for a workout does the same job which is being unable to serve the requirements. Ordinary shorts may be great for hanging out, dates, vacations or other events where all you need is to look gorgeous. But during a workout, your body requires adequate support and protection which is only possible when you are opting for appropriate athlete shorts. Besides, you would want to ensure that the shorts you are wearing for exercise are not restrictive, otherwise it would be difficult to perform to your full potential. Hence, picking trendy fitness shorts would be the smart choice, so that you can style them in various ways both inside and outside the gym. 


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How To Select The Best Female Fitness Shorts?

While choosing your sports gear, be as selective and mindful as you can, because your choice regarding your workout outfit will reflect significantly in your workout experience and overall fitness gain. Here are the factors you must keep in mind while selecting your athlete shorts:


  • Comfort

Prioritise your comfort first. Make sure the fabric and stitches feel gentle to your skin. You can only perform your best when you are comfortable, so comfort is not something you should compromise with, especially while buying sportswear. If you are looking for an amalgamation of versatility and fashion, getting the buttery soft fitness shorts from Hunnit would be great. Their signature fabric HunnitHug is the promise of utmost comfort and flexibility. 

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  • Length

Once you are satisfied with the comfort, the net thing you may look for is adequate coverage. You would not want shorts that are too short to cover your entire hip area or too long to perform squats smoothly. Choose the length wisely so that you won't have to feel uncomfortable during a workout. Typically athlete shorts that cover at least half the area of your thighs are ideal for fitness training. 


  • Functionality

Functionality is the driving factor of modern fitness trends. Before you buy shorts for the workout, look for fabric with stretchability, moisture-wicking and quick-drying features, having pockets is of course the cherry on top, because who doesn't know women love pockets? 


  • Versatility

Look for versatile designs that can be ideally fit for various outdoor events as well. with emerging athleisure trends, sportswear is ruling the women's fashion world. with fashionable and comfy shorts, developing your fashion game is just a piece of cake. 


Summing Up

The ever-appealing shorts will never go off the fashion trends for women. And now creating a bold and chic look is smoother than ever with the all-new trendy athlete shorts. If your fitness wardrobe still lacks these stylish bottoms, it’s time to upgrade your fashion game darling. Bag your favourite fitness shorts now before they get sold out! 

May 07, 2024 — Hunnit