Co-ordinated sets popularly known as co-ord sets have been shaping the fashion trend in recent times. These matching sets are widely popular among women for offering a unique blend of versatility, style, and simplicity that advances your fashion outlook to a whole new standard. In a fast-forward world where time is the most expensive treasure, stressing over everyday looks to maintain a stylish persona is not worth it at all. Co-ord sets therefore appear as an ideal alternative to make fashion effortless and timesaving. 


Now it’s your time to welcome the popping fashion trend by rebuilding your wardrobe with the most flattering co-ord sets. We delve into the art of styling to pick the perfectly fitted co-ord sets for your body shape, come and join us in this journey to explore the fashion-forward trend of co-ord pieces in 2024. 

Co-ord Sets. 

Two or more pieces put together to make a complete outfit that offers a stunning look can be the simplest way to define co-ord sets. The prolonged guesswork about what to pair with which one before dressing up every day is a real struggle for every woman on earth and that’s where co-ords come to the rescue. The paired top and bottom sometimes with an additional third piece make unique sets that eliminate the conventional energy-draining guesswork from women’s fashion, making everyday styling effortless and fashion-forward.

Why Co-ords Sets is A Must Have?

The secret behind the global popularity of co-ord sets lies in their wide range of styles and designs, making them ideal for creating unique fashion statements at ease. In a fashion-dominated time, features like versatility, effortless style, and time-saving fashion are fuelling the craze for co-ord sets among women. 

The reasons why you must have a whole particular section in your wardrobe for these sets are manifold: firstly, you can adapt them for various occasions starting from gym to dinner dates. Second, they are unmatched in creating ultra-fashionable looks in no time. And last but not least, the trendy co-ord sets are so comfy that the eternal dilemma between comfort and style would vanish forever. So if you are still missing out on the current fashion trend, welcome self-love this year with a couple of attractive co-ord sets that praise your charming physique. 

Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your Body. 

Most of the designer co-ord sets flatter every body shape irrespective of height and weight. However certain factors still play crucial roles that you need to be aware of while choosing one for yourself. Let’s take a glance. 

Know Your Body. 

The first and foremost criterion to choose a well-fitted co-ord set is knowing your body well and this is applicable for picking any outfit or style as well. We often get flattered by seeing models' or people's outfits and out of awe we bag them but sometimes it brings nothing but disappointment as the look we cherished and the one we finally created are not even closer. That’s why knowing your body plays such a major role in shaping your fashion statements. 

Fitting is not the only factor that creates a fine look of yours in co-ords, rather your body shape, height, choice of style and shades all work equally to reflect your glam. By knowing your body, we mean being aware of the aforementioned factors based on your body, before choosing a co-ord set. 

For an Hourglass Figure. 

If you have a curvy physique like an hourglass, go for the skinny fit two-piece co-ord sets that hug your body perfectly and highlight the curves. Go as bold as you wish with any fitted co-ords and you will rock the show. However, we would suggest trying the flo sports bra and shorts as co-ord if yours is an hourglass figure.


a women wearing pink co-ord set which includes sports bra and biker shorts


The perfectly fitted sports bra will serve as a stylish crop top complimenting your curvy waist while the comfy shorts will let you stay active without sweating all day long. 

For a Moderate Physique. 

For those having a moderate pear-shaped figure, opting for co-ord styles like a two-piece top and flared skirt set or flare pants and crop tops set can smoothly balance your bodily proportions.

A women wearing a purple polo neck crop top and flared pants

If you want a blend of classy and bossy styles, pick a set that comes with a cool blazer and tailored pants. Create a contrast with a tube top or a shirt according to the events for a signature classy appearance. 

For a Skinny Figure. 

If you are petite by shape, wearing a skinny fit co-ord would make you look even skinnier. Therefore, the best way of styling these sets for you would be to create a balance between your upper portion and bottom. Picking a chill sweatshirt and shorts or halter neck stops with flare mini skirts as a set would be a smart way of styling co-ords for a chic, cosy, and flattery look.

women wearing blue co-ord set including a sweatshirt and shorts

However, if you are looking to dress up traditionally, think of getting co-ord sets that come with A-line or flared short kurtas and pencil pants. A wide range of stylish and designer co-ords get you covered for all occasions and settings. 

For a Chubby Figure. 

As chubby is the new feature of hotness, manifold co-ord sets are designed to suit chubby figures the best. For everyday fashion, you can choose a set with a round-neck sports bra and flare pants.

A plus size women wearing a blue co-ord set including a sports bra and flared pants

The bottom will perfectly highlight your thick thighs while the sports bra would serve as a classy crop top suitable for most of the events. Creating a more bubbly and chic look with co-ord sets like polo neck crop tops and flare skorts can also help you elevate your style. 


When the entire world is leaning towards fashion-forward styling, co-ord sets have emerged as an ideally versatile and time-saving outfit idea. With a great range of designs and styles, these sets qualify for all-purpose attires. The subtlety and uniqueness of co-ords have made it fit for women's taste, no wonder it has been shaping the buzzing trend in the women's fashion industry. If you are still missing out on these ravishing co-ord styles, bag your favorite ones now before they get sold out. Swipe right to ultra-fashion look this year with the trendsetter co-ord sets.  

February 26, 2024 — Hunnit