Do you find choosing a good sports bra for yourself a difficult job? A large number of women suffer from back pain, sore shoulders and saggy breasts for wearing the wrong bras. Apart from offering a firm shape, it provides the perfect support to your beautiful breasts, increases the level of comfort and makes you feel at home even in the middle of a sweaty workout session, only when you pick the right sports bra for daily use. 

Shopping for bras for other purposes but physical exercise that covers most of your general requirements is quite easier than finding the best sports bra for the gym. During heavy exercise your breasts, back and shoulder demand for the ultimate support and comfort to allow you to move smoothly. Since our breast sizes and shapes are unique, having a good understanding of our body is necessary before picking up a right-fit sports bra for the gym. Poor choice for sports bras may lead to long standing health issues that would negate the benefits of all those worthy workout sessions.

Why is a sports bra essential for exercise? 

Sports bras are the most comfy ones that not only offer comfort but protect the firmness of the breast tissues. Most of the physical exercises you do against gravity may lead to saggy breasts if you leave them unsupported during a workout. Regular bra offers only comfort and attractive shapes while a sports bra is a specifically designed bra for the gym to bring stability, support and comfort during rigorous workouts. Unstable breasts and hips can be a real distraction during gym activities and unless you want that, there is no reason to not go for a sports bra panty set. 

So how to choose the right sports bra that fits you the best, looks great on you and feels comfy? Here are some experts' suggestions that can help you to find the best sports bra. 

Knowing your body well. 

Measuring your bra size always helps to get a better fit than assuming one, plus you can always keep track in case your breast size changes. With a particular workout routine, your body needs a specific level of support. Hunnit is a popular sports brand in India that has a variety of sports bras for large breasts, and moderate and petite figures. You can check out our awesome collections of sports bras for better comfort. 

Sports bra and co ord set

Choosing the right support.

Based on your physical routine and breast size, you need a particular level of support for your breasts. Sports bras are generally available in medium, low and high support styles. sports bra high support will be a perfect match if you are into vigorous exercises like running or dancing. Low support is best for all kinds of gentle physical activities like walking and yoga. However, if your breasts are small you can perfectly use the medium support bra for most intense activities but it is not recommended for larger breasts. Thus while you are choosing a sports bra with a specific support, make sure it aligns with your daily exercise routine, otherwise, it can lead to long standing discomfort and pain. 


Sports bra and co ord set
Padding as per your choice.


Padding is not essential for sports bras, but they undoubtedly offer a more attractive shape than non-padded ones. Sports bras generally are most comfortable when they are non-padded or slightly padded. Heavy padding is not a good choice for workouts as it minimises the level of comfort. However, our Epic Pop sports bra collection is the perfect punch of style and comfort. Get one to make a statement with your moves. 

Look for adjustable straps. 

An ideal sports bra for running and other exercises is one that comes with adjustable straps. It lets you adjust the cups according to your breasts so that they don't slip during heavy workout sessions. Besides that, if your breasts are different in size, a sports bra adjustable strap will be the best option for you. By adjusting the straps you can get your personalised fit. 


Summing it up.

Sports bras are now widely popular among women for offering more comfort and support than regular bras. Although getting a perfect sports bra may not be a cakewalk, investing some moments to identify the right options will be totally worth the comfort during your gym sessions.

February 13, 2024 — Hunnit