Your style reflects you. Whether it's a party, vacation, date night, or just a regular day in the office, you always slay with your unique fashion sense, then why not in the gym? Your workout look too is a signature of your style, so keeping your comfort and classiness in mind Hunnit has sorted the best workout tops for women that promise both comfort and an attractive fit that you will absolutely fall in love with. 


Why gym wear is essential for women?


Since fitness has become a regular practice to achieve and maintain a healthy body, it is important to make sure that your workout tops bring some extra comfort and support to your body during exercise. 

Using the wrong fitness tops for gym and yoga leads to discomfort and even various unwanted changes to your body. For instance, if you routinely perform push-ups or go jogging in regular shirts, your breasts may be saggy as an obvious effect of gravity, let alone the uneasiness you would feel because of the constant bounce. Therefore experts recommend exercise tops that are specifically designed to help you achieve your fitness goal smoothly through yoga, gym, or other physical exercises. 


Slay with the trendy fitness styles. 


Athleisure has never emerged as a trending fashion like this before. As workouts are no longer confined to the boundaries of the gym, sportswear is now redefining fashion statements from gyms to Vogue. It would be dumb to think that the fitness trends are only for workout sessions, rather it is for all the elegant women who prefer comfort and style. Hunnit’s special athleisure collection is all about the women’s fitness trends in 2024. Introduce a little extra sassiness to your style from the fresh handpicks by Hunnit


blush pink workout top


Pastel Supremacy. 


Although bright neon shades are never off-trend, soft pastel colors pop to offer an amalgam of elegance and strength. Many women are leaning towards the soft shades tops for workouts. Unlike the neon tones, the softer colors like mauve, peach, steel blue, and truffle brown do not scream out loud, but they gently reflect sophistication. 

For example, Wearing a blush pink workout top with a black jacket is enough to hit the gym or go out to grab a coffee. The contrasts in shades would compliment your inner beauty. Or maybe you can opt for a mocha brown crop top all by itself for a quick jogging session around the park, in either way you will slay effortlessly. 


mocha brown crop top


Eco-friendly Fashion


Sustainable fashion is rocking the show and besides other fashion regimes, athleisure is now way more concerned about eco-friendly outfits and accessories than it was ever before. Hunnit’s workout costumes collection is truly eco-friendly as they actively contribute to the goal of sustainable living.  

The crop tops, sports bras, and workout tops are sustainable clothing specifically crafted for supreme comfort and unmatched style. Pairing their steel blue Epic Pop Crop Top with matching flattery fit trousers or basic black skinny fit shorts would be fantastic. The super breathable fabric is so gentle on the skin that the comfort will feel like home. 


Versatile Styles


In this era, sportswear has become regular fashion outfits and the line between fitness and fashion has been blurred. Nowadays it is all about the transition in every way possible. the gym tops women love the most are the ones that they can wear both as workout tops and for a coffee date.

However, the versatility is not confined to just a change of occasions, rather it needs to cover the changes in seasons as well. Now most of the top-rated workout clothes are flexibly versatile and can be worn from a yoga or gym session to a chilly night out during winter. Hunnit’s two-in-one workout shirts are mindfully designed for fitting on various occasions. So make a place for some in your wardrobe, because they are so classy and cozy that you would not be satisfied only with a few. 


Epic pop crop top




Fashion is like the vast and unfathomable ocean that encapsulates everything in it. Regardless of her workout routine or fitness, every woman can embrace something from the current fitness trends that she finds cool. Gone are those days when tops were meant to be used only for exercise, now it's all about style and comfort. Not being an active fitness person has nothing to do with your rich workout top collections. Just like the old saying, "You don't need to be a superhero to feel like one".  

February 15, 2024 — Hunnit