With today’s modern lifestyle, health and fitness concerns have emerged simultaneously. Fitness goals are no longer a luxury but a necessity that often becomes secondary to the hardship we face to balance family, work life, and time for self-care. That is why the co-ord sets enter into the game to make exercise fun and stylish. The stylish co-ord sets not only make great fitness apparel but also rejuvenate the otherwise boring fitness routine. Stay with us throughout this journey to explore how these trendy and flattering gym clothes can help you stay fit and achieve a healthy lifestyle with utmost comfort and style. 

What are the Co-ord Sets for Gym? 

Coordinated sets popularly known as co-ord sets have swept away previously existing trends of women's fashion by storm. In 2024 it sets the gear to versatile fashion with the eye-catching co-ords and fitness regime adapted these stylish gym clothes in a sexier way. 

The matching workout sets generally come with a sports bra and flattering fit leggings, which are specifically designed to not only offer you a seamless workout experience but also to boost your confidence and enhance your charming look. 

The Rise of Co-ord Sets as Athleisure Wear.  

Fashion and flexibility are the key features of today's world. those days are a long time gone when worn-out tee shirts and regular shorts or trousers used to suffice for athleisure sets. co-ord sets are introduced as perfect activewear sets that offer a smooth blend of performance-boosting features and a fashionable design. Thus leaving no reason to compromise with style while breaking a sweat. 

Why are Gym co-ord Sets a must-have?

Supreme Comfort. 

Co-ord sets make great sportswear for providing ultimate flexibility and comfort. Crafted with super stretchy material and breathable fabric, the seamless gym co-ord sets for specific activities (yoga, running, strength training) are the best choice for women who are actively in a fitness regime. 

India’s one of the leading sportswear brands Hunnit has catered for a wide range of stylish gym co-ord sets for women that would not only be your favorite gym outfit but also would boost your confidence. 

Confidence Booster. 

Confidence comes from within, when you know you look good it spontaneously makes you feel good, thus boosting your confidence. For gym, yoga, or any form of exercise, a well-coordinated costume is essential to be confident enough about your performance. The co-ord sets are the best workout clothes for women as they offer a confidence boost that brings out their best performance during exercise. 

Co ord set for women

Unmatched style. 

The secret behind the enormous popularity of gym co-ord sets is its latest fashion-centered design. The combination of stretchable skinny fit leggings and round neck sports bras are the best gym co-ord sets for curves. These are specifically designed to highlight your beautiful curves with every move. 

Slaying in Mocha brown or midnight black ¾ leggings with a matching sports bra during a workout suits you. Or maybe a neon striped ankle-length black leggings with a flattery sports bra can be your bestie during regular gym sessions.  

Co ord set for women

Performance enhancer. 

The flexible fit and moisture-controlling feature of the co-ords  promise comfort even during vigorous workouts.  Discomfort during physical exercise is the biggest obstacle to achieving your fitness goals, but don’t worry! Hunnit’s Ying Yang Co-ords can be your perfect sustainable activewear. 

These supportive workout tops are available with an outstanding feature of three levels of support based on the intensity of your regular workout while the super soft high-waisted leggings help you to move with ease. In short, an ideal and classy athleisure for your gym sessions. 

Co ord sets for women


How to Choose the Best Gym Co-ords Sets? 

While buying a co-ord set as your sportswear, keeping certain factors in mind may help you to find one that is value for your hard-earned money. 


Always look for well-fit co-ord sets but make sure that it is not tight. You may opt for plus-size according to your body, but avoid outfits that feel tight on you. While breaking a sweat, your outfit should be flexible enough with your body so that you can unleash the flow to the highest motion. 


Gym co-ords are made from non-breathable fabric and are a big no, no matter how attractive or pocket-friendly they seem. During workouts, your body needs sweat-wicking activewear, not the ones that make you sweat even more. Co-ord sets from Hunnit are not just breathable, but the fabric is also so gentle on the skin, making you feel super comfy during exercise. 


Go for the style that aligns with your taste and enhances your confidence level. You can check out the rich collection from Hunnit, we hope you will find the style that reflects your fashion sense.  


Now you might be thinking about where to buy affordable workout sets, so here is the answer! Athleisure wear from several sports brands is available both online and offline, but Hunnit is one of the most reliable brands where you can purchase top-notch co-ords for the gym at a reasonable price. 


Living your fitness mantra is not about dedication and hard work, rather feeling comfortable and confident during the workout is the primary step for achieving the goals. Sassy co-ords provide you with a fusion of functionality and fashion, thus making your fitness routine enjoyable. Stay updated with the fitness trend and rock the gym floor with your confidence. 


February 17, 2024 — Hunnit hunnit2023@gmail.com