The year 2024 marks the emergence of a new era in fashion. In the fast-paced modern world, functionality and comfort take the driver's seat and that’s why Athleisure comes to set the fashion trends. The buzzing global popularity of sportswear is fuelled by the smooth blend of style, versatility, and comfort. 

The cool and classy athleisure trend has been widely chosen by women who want to slay effortlessly in everyday looks without compromising comfort. Now it’s your time to upgrade your fashion with the trendiest workout tops that would not only help you to develop your fitness goals but also complement your confidence. So stay with us till the end to know everything about the popping athleisure trend in 2024. 


Why Workout Tops Are Essential for Exercise? 

Workout tops are nothing but cool and comfy uniforms that you need for performing exercise. They are specifically crafted to provide you with the extra comfort that your body needs during workouts. The days of performing exercise with regular baggy t-shirts and shorts are past, the all-new cool and funky workout tops are now into play to make your workout sessions comfortable and enjoyable. Apart from gym wear, for its ultimate comforting features and ravishing designs, a wide range of eye-catching workout tops have been serving as everyday outfits even outdoors for various occasions. 


Athleisure Tops Trend of 2024. 

The dull regular exercise has been swept away by a storm. 2024 is all about cool and classy fashion that reflects your bold personality and taste. Let's have a quick look at the recent activewear tops trend that has been winning the hearts of the ladies. 


Softer Tones.

After the neon storm, 2024 is setting the workout tops trend with softer pastel shades like raspberry pink, peach blush, and mauve taupe. While the darker tones are used to signify your courage and carefree attitude, the modest pastel colors gently compliment your stunning beauty with a touch of sophistication. 

If exploring unique shades for dressing is your cup of tea, then trying out truffle brown or cloud grey tops is a must. To create a bold and ravishing look, contrast gentle shades tops with darker tones bottoms and you are ready to slay. 


Sustainable Fabric. 

The recent trend in fashion is a strong step towards a sustainable planet and athleisure wear has popularised it widely with the use of eco-friendly materials and fabrics for gym outfits. India's dominant sports brand Hunnit takes environmental concerns quite seriously with its latest collection of women’s workout tops.

A women wearing blue crop top with  gathers

Their feathery light half-sleeve tops and tank tops are crafted from recycled polyester which feels buttery soft on the skin and gets dried in no time.

A women wearing hot pink tank top.

Ravishing workout tops, skirts and leggings crafted from organic cotton are the most popular choices of women for exercise, and they significantly reduce the negative impacts on the environment. Cultivated without chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides, the organic cotton fabric does not only feel soft on the skin, but also it is a sustainable replacement for regular cotton.  During heavy workouts, such fabric will offer you additional comfort to complement your physical exercise. This year, move towards a green planet with eco-friendly stylish workout tops for everyday use. Click here to explore the biggest range of sustainable workout tops and bottoms presented by Hunnit.  


Bold Style. 

Say goodbye to boring regular gym outfits. Love yourself a bit more with the bold and classy gym wear that would perfectly complement your beautiful body. India’s most trusted sportswear brand Hunnit has brought the trendiest range of workout tops to offer you a unique and posh look. Pick the best-suited workout tops for yourself from a large variety starting from crop tops, tank tops, half and full-sleeve tees, polo neck crop tops, and much more.

a women wearing brown polo crop top

Flaunt your curves with the flattery-fit activewear tops and stretchable leggings and step up to the gym floor as a fashion icon. 



The world now moves on functionality and athleisure wear offers the most of it. Sportswear is specifically designed in a way that ensures zero retrains and ultimate comfort during a workout. However, while talking about eliminating retrains, workout tops demand much more attention than bottoms. Not wearing a good and branded top during a workout may not only result in physical discomfort like pain and muscle cramps, but also it may potentially affect your breasts' shape and size forever. Getting some well-fitted workout tops this year is the form of self-love that you need. 



5That time was gone when workout outfits were confined to the four walls of a home or gym. Athleisure wear is now celebrated as a signature of confidence and grace and continues to be featured on Vogue's cover, ensuring its wide popularity in the fashion industry. The trendiest workout tops offer you to move with swag from coffee dates to night outs. The cool and classy workout tops from Hunnit whisper a tale of sophistication and reflect your confidence while worn as everyday wear, making you look like a diva effortlessly. 



2024 is the year of revolution in the fashion world, and for emerging global popularity of athleisure has given a check to all the conventional fashion ideas. It is the time to reconstruct your fashion with the flourishing activewear trend. Start today with some stylish workout tops that motivate you to achieve your fitness goals and slay at the same time. You deserve it!   

February 19, 2024 — Hunnit