Sports bras are the primary fitness gear that play a pivotal role in shaping your performance and comfort. Wearing an appropriate sports bra doesn’t just feel awesome, but also boosts your fitness gains. That’s why a large number of women, whether they are actively in a fitness regime or not, choose sports bras as their default bras. Surprisingly, sports bras have become the epitome of cool, sporty fashion and are no longer confined to the indoors as innerwear, thanks to athleisure trends. Unlike regular bras, it doesn't just get the job done, but also comes with fashion-forward style, proper support which is essential for physical activities and offers many more advanced perks. 

Consider this as a comprehensive guide on sports bras, where we will explore why sports bras are essential for women, how to know your perfect sports bra size and finally the best sports bra options from India’s leading female activewear brand Hunnit. So, let’s get started. 

What Makes Sport Bras Women’s First Choice? 

  • A sports bra for running is as essential as a pen for an author. For sprinting, jogging, cardio, or any kind of exercise, wearing a sports bra offers adequate support to your breasts and back which saves you from muscle cramps, saggy breasts, back pain and discomfort. 

  • Sports bras with adjustable straps make them ideal for a personalised fit. You always want your bra to offer a body-hugging fit, right? Additionally, stylish sports bras get you all covered with a perfect fit, adequate coverage, the necessary support and of course, optimal comfort. 

  • Sports bras high support feature is what women love the most. Suffering from back pain and muscle cramps are extremely common issues that most ladies have faced since their late 20s. Wearing the wrong bra for a long time often results in longstanding physical issues. No matter if you are physically active or not, wearing bras that offer appropriate support to your breasts and back is important, which is why sports bras are stealing the show because adequate support is one thing that you can't expect from regular bras. 

How To Find Your Perfect Size?  

There is one classic way to know your bra size. First, measure the perimeter of your bust. For instance, let’s say your bust size is 36. Next, measure the highest curvature of your breast, let's assume that it's 40. Now, to know your cup size, subtract the bust size and from your breasts’ size. The subtraction result denotes your cup size, if it's 2, your cup size is A, for 3-4 you need a B-size cup. So finally you get your bra size which is 36B. Knowing your bra size is essential for choosing the right bra, however, refer to the spots bra size chart for a perfect fit. 

5 Best Sports Bra From Hunnit 

The round neck sports bra is a classic example of sporty fashion. Besides wearing it as a bra under clothing, you can also style it as a classy crop top with high-waist leggings or denim.

women wearing a hot pink sports bra/crop top

No wonder Hunnit’s Zen round-neck sports bra is one of our fastest-selling products. 

Designed and crafted for fashionistas, the FLO sports bra is the sexiest and most fashion-forward sports bra you can find.

women wearing a black cut out crop top/ sports bra

The stunning design makes it a unique crop top and perfect sports bra at the same time. Turn every spot into your fashion runway with the stylish and trendiest FLO sports bra from Hunnit. 

When it comes to bras, women just love the front closer feature. To eliminate the additional struggle from everyday styling, a front zipper sports bra is a game changer.

lavender front zip crop top for women

The front zipper makes it so easy and comfortable to put on and take off. And not to mention, these sports bras are ideal for versatile styling as fitness gear or crop tops. 

If you are looking for a versatile sports bra that you can style in manifold ways without revealing much of your skin, the all-new Zen Polo Neck sports bra is your cup of tea .

women wearing a blue cute crop top / sports bra

With the polo neck design, you can perfectly pair it with a flared skirt, leggings, jeans, or shorts as a crop top or just style it as a stunning sports bra. 

Are you comfortable with going a bit bold? Then why don’t you try the fabulous Epic Pop Sports Bra from Hunnit? This sports bra is perfect for offering you a classy bold look with a V-neck that is not too deep, nor too small.

women wearing a deep v neck black sports bra/crop top

Only reflects a hint of your beautiful cleavage with the adequate support. It also it allows you to workout more comfortably since your chest area doesn't suffocate with extra coverage. Consider getting one to upgrade both your workout and fashion game.  


May 24, 2024 — Hunnit