Styling in the summer is a challenge in itself, especially when you want to look cool and feel comfy without jeopardizing your fashion sense. There are days when you need to attend office, college, or social events where you are supposed to dress up to the mark. When it's so hot outside, maintaining your fine look as well as make-up all day long often takes away your comfort. Thus, summer styling is different from getting ready in any other season, because you would try to maintain the balance between style and comfort while also keeping factoring in the scorching hot weather. However, there is no need to worry yet, because just a few minor changes in your dressing style can help you stay cool and slay in summer. The smartest styling tips for summer are at your disposal. 


The Essence Of Summer Styles 

The best time to explore your wardrobe and flaunt a wide range of cool and funky styles is summer. The dresses that you can't show off in winter patiently await for summer. It's a great time for experimenting with different looks, wearing colourful outfits, or pulling off a chic appearance with shorts, mini skirts and frilly, crop, or schiffli tops. 


The best dresses for summer are those that allow you to slay effortlessly without compromising on comfort. Honestly, there's no fashion parameter for styling, and the simple goal is to feel comfy and look great despite the rough weather in summer. You can easily accomplish cool, comfortable, and fashion-forward summer looks just by changing some of your dressing styles. Here are some of the best tips to create an absolutely slayer appearance in summer. Keep reading to explore some top-notch summer fashion tips: 


6 Dressing Tips For Summer


  • Take A Break From Full Sleeve Tops

Putting your long-sleeved tops away for winter would be a nice idea. Since the weather outside is hot enough already, you would want to wear dresses with only the necessary coverage. Stylish crop tops, tank tops, and even quality sports bras can be your perfect besties for summer.

women beige tank tap for gym

And if your skin is prone to inflammation during hot weather, saying bye to certain fabrics like synthetic and polyester for the season may help you. 


  • Opt For Breathable Fabric 

Unless you prefer discomfort and even worse, skin problems if you have sensitive skin, the rule of thumb for summer dressing is selecting breathable fabrics. Cotton is the best option for summer. It's breathable, lightweight, and feels gentle on the skin. However, if you have excessive sweating issues, choosing basic cotton dresses is not a good idea, since the material is not great at dealing with moisture. You may opt for cotton-blended dresses or outfits that come with moisture-wicking fabrics. 


  • Pick Pastel Shades And Bright Prints 

Bright floral prints and soft pastel shades are signature styles in summer fashion. Unlike Winter, when you prefer getting dolled up with darker tones and leaving a little space for colourful prints, summer calls for a playful vibe with vibrant hues.

women pastel trendy tops

Dressing up with light-coloured outfits can significantly help you stay cool in hot summer while bright prints ideally reflect funky fashionable charm.


  • Wear One Piece Dresses Frequently  

It's the perfect season for wearing your favourite one-piece dresses. The design of one-piece dresses, irrespective of the fabrics, lengths, and cuts allows enough airflow which keeps you comfy and cool. A line dress, flowy one-piece, shoulder strap dress and so many more stunning options are available to choose from. 


  • Style Sports Gears In Outdoor Settings

Athleisure is no longer confined to the four walls of the gym, and sports gear can be the ideal outfit option to beat the heat and slay simultaneously. Pair a bold FLO sports bra with a flared skirt for casual events or style flare pants with a half-sleeve tee for professional looks. A good collection of sportswear will keep you covered for all occasions in summer. 


  • Be A Little Bold 

Don't think much about showing off some skin. After all, it's only in the summer when wearing less can help you stay relaxed and look an absolute slayer of course.

women hot pink crop top

Pull out the crop top you have been saving since winter, and get the stunning mini skirt or shorts that have been waiting in your shopping cart for so long. The less you cover your skin, the more comfortable and cool you feel. Of course, you must be as revealing as you are comfortable with, so just prioritize your comfort over everything else. And you are all set to rock. 

May 17, 2024 — Hunnit