Keeping up your fitness routine is a challenge, especially during summer. When it's too warm outside, exercise increases your inner body temperature, causing you to sweat a lot. The way you warm up before a workout is a major factor, and post-workout refreshments are as important as the former. If you let your body cool down naturally, it will take a bit of time to balance the temperature and generally that works fine in winter. However, during summer, your body would want to cool down quickly after a workout. So, here are some easy tips for post-workout cool-down. 



6 Quick And Easy Ways For Post-Exercise Refresh  


  • Chilled Towel In The Freezer or Fridge 

Most elite gyms offer you the facility to keep your gym towel in the freezer while you exercise. The chilled towel patiently awaits in the fridge for you to finish all the workouts so that you can wrap it around your hot body for a heavenly cooling experience. You can also follow this easy, mess-free hack for home workouts. It’s a simple, quick and soothing way to cool down after an intense workout session in summer. 

  • A Cold Shower 

There's rarely anything as satisfying as taking a cold shower after prolonged fitness training in summer. While a post-workout shower is a must for your body to wipe off the dirt and sweat, it is also the best way to cool down your body temperature. A post-workout shower is beneficial in many ways. For instance, it helps relax your muscles and reduce inflammation, besides hydrating your skin and refreshing your body and mind for the rest of the day. 

  • Getting Some Ice 

If a post-workout cold shower is not your cup of tea, grabbing some ice can help you. Icing is a quick and easy formula, and is extremely popular among athletes for soothing rapidly. It is best for those who don’t prefer jumping into the water right after a workout session. All you need is a plastic or grocery bag, fill it up with ice and use it as an icepack wherever you feel inflammation or soreness. 

  • Post-workout Smoothie or Shake 

This one is a truly delicious option. Grabbing a refreshing shake or smoothie after a long exercise feels like a treat to your tastebuds. Most of the post-workout juices and shakes are enriched with vitamins and nutrients. You can keep your favourite smoothie ready in the refrigerator to sip on after a workout, or just grab one from the gym counter, whichever is flexible for you. We suggest you pick one with cool and hydrating ingredients like mint, watermelon, grapes, papaya, or berries for a refreshing post-exercise treat. 

  • Ice-cream or Popsicle   

You just burnt enough calories, and now you rightfully deserve a treat. And what can be a better treat for refreshment than a popsicle or ice cream? The icy feeling will gradually reduce your temperature while the water will hydrate your body and the sugar will help you recover from the post-workout tiredness. All sorted with a delicious treat. 

  • How About Chewing A Peppermint Gummy? 

Anything that contains peppermint is full of menthol, which is a great agent for cooling down your body, besides offering a refreshing breath. Chewing a peppermint gummy or sipping on peppermint tea can help you cool off. Simple, quick and easy, isn't it? 

May 16, 2024 — Hunnit