In this new era of sustainable and trendy fashion, retro styles have made a grand comeback in the world of fashion. In the last century what stole the heart of people as bell bottoms, took a fashionable makeover and reappeared to rock the show as flare pants. These pants have been ruling women’s fashion with the promise of comfort, style and flexibility. 

As they say, unlike men, women’s fashion is unfathomable like ocean. There are thousands of designs, styles and options to choose from, but still some specific pieces have continued to seal the deal with great versatility and Zen flare pants are one of those most fav bottoms of Zen Z.  

Now if you are not familiar with flare pants, girl you are just about to find your favourite bottom for all events. Let’s explore the factors why girls are going crazy for these flares. 

What Is A Flare Pant? 

As the name suggests, these pants offer a stylish flared look starting from below the knees to your ankles. The flattery fit around the waist and hips perfectly compliment the flares, creating a curvy shape in the bottom while highlighting your thick thighs.


women mauve tape flare pants


Thus, Flare Pants have become an essential piece in every girl’s wardrobe, serving as a go-to bottom for everyday use to manifold occasions. If you want comfort, fashion and flexibility all in one, add Zen Flare Pants to your cart now. 

What Makes Zen Flare Pants Ideal Bottom? 

Among wide rage of alternatives like leggings, joggers, cargo pants etc, flare pants are not rocking the fashion game for nothing. It has made its way to the heart of ladies for manifold amazing features and some of them are mentioned below: 

  • Comfort 

  • There was a time when style was available only at the expense of comfort and in women’s fashion slaying comfortably was just a myth. However, in the new era of fashion forward styling, outfits that priorities comfort as much as fashion are the one that have become women’s favourite. And this is exactly why flare pants have been maintaining such buzzing popularity for past few years, because it never compromised with comfort, neither with trendy fashion. 

  • Fabric Quality 

  • The fabrics of Hunnit’s Zen Flare Pants are ideally developed to offer customised feel to its customers. Named as HunnitHug, the buttery soft fabric is their signature property developed by the experts to offer you a truly unique experience. HunnitHug guarantees zero colour bleeding even after a thousand washes, promising an ever-lasting glam. The luxurious fabric of Zen Flare Pants are the epitome of comfort and key secret behind its wide popularity as everyday bottom.  

  • Stretchability    

  • Stretchability is a prominent feature of functionality, and Zen Flare Pants offer a flexible fit with super stretchable fabric. The four way inbuilt stretchable feature, allow you to move as wide as you want. Having a couple of these flare pants from Hunnit in your wardrobe means you are ready to slay comfortably in all events.

  •  Flexibility 

  • You can never go wrong about flexibility with flare pants. Being an athleisure brand, Hunnit’s apparel pieces are ultra-durable and super flexible, and these fashionable flare pants are not any expectations. The all new Zen Flare Pants come with a promise of flexibility, comfort and of course with unmatched style. 

    Parting Words 

    While functionality and versatility are the new defining features of fashion, Flare pants are nailing the game with both of them. You can not help slaying while wearing these pants, making it a perfect bottom for multipurpose use. If you have an eye for uniqueness, there's no way your wardrobe should be missing out on these sexy pants. Give it a shot now by exploring the greatest range of Zen Flare Pants by Hunnit, and get ready to find your perfect go-to bottoms.  

    April 03, 2024 — Hunnit